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Name Opponent Date
Nolan Ryan Toronto 5/1/91
Nolan Ryan at Oakland 6/11/90
Bert Blyleven at California 9/22/77
Jim Bibby at Oakland 7/30/73
Perfect Game
Kenny Rogers California 7/28/94
Hitting for the Cycle
Adrian Beltre Astros 8/4/15
Shin-Soo Choo Rockies 7/21/15
Alex Rios Astros 9/23/13
Adrian Beltre Twins 8/24/12
Bengie Molina Boston 7/16/10
Ian Kinsler Baltimore 4/15/09
Gary Matthews Jr. Detroit 9/13/06
Gary Matthews Jr. (natural order) Detroit 9/13/06
Mark Teixeira Cleveland 8/17/04
Oddibe McDowell Cleveland 7/23/85
Triple Plays
Ian Kinsler, Elvis Andrus Detroit 5/20/09
Kenny Rogers, Alex Rodriguez, Ivan Rodriguez,
Hank Blalock, Kenny Rogers, Michael Young*
Seattle 4/14/02
Alex Rodriguez, Randy Velarde at Boston 8/6/01
Mark McLemore, Royce Clayton, Lee Stevens at New York 6/17/99
Toby Harrah, Bump Willis, Mike Hargrove Oakland 8/8/77
*According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the 1-6-2-5-1-4 triple play was the most touches on a triple play since Aug. 29, 1969.
Name HR Total Year
Most Home Runs by Trios
Alex Rodriguez-57
Rafael Palmeiro-43
Herbert Perry-22
122 2002
Alex Rodriguez-52
Rafael Palmeiro-47
Ivan Rodriguez-25
124 2001
Rafael Palmeiro-47
Juan Gonzalez-39
Ivan Rodriguez-35
121 1999
Major League high for trios: 143 Home Runs