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Rangers Claw & Antler T-Shirt Order Form

Rangers Claw & Antler T-Shirts

You've seen the players wearing it, and now you can wear the Claw & Antler tee, too.

The Nike cotton t-shirts that have the claw on the front and antlers on the back are available to fans in several styles and colors.

These are the T-shirts the Rangers wore throughout the summer and 2010 postseason that signify their two celebratory gestures. The claw is a long-distance high-five that players give each other after doing something good during a game. It was first devised by Esteban German in the Minor Leagues and brought to the Rangers by Nelson Cruz. The "deer wave", or antlers, is given when a player does something special that requires him to utilize his speed.

Only available at the Shop or Texas Rangers Team Shops.