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Joe Macko - Goodwill Ambassador

Joe Macko headshot
  • Worked in professional baseball for 54 years
  • 16 years as an active player, hit .272 lifetime with 306 home runs
  • Served as business manager and general manager for the Dallas-Fort Worth Spurs in the Texas league from 1965-1971.
  • Served as business manager for the Rangers when the Washington Senators arrived in Arlington in 1972.
  • In 1973, he became a home equipment manager from 2973 thorugh 1994 and switched to the visiting clubhouse in 1995 through 2001.

Joe Macko in uniform

Outline of Joe Macko's Speech

Length of Speech: 20-30 minutes, followed by 10-minute question and answer period (or will adjust for one classroom period).

Format: Assembly or classroom (minimum of 50 attendees)

Topic details:
History - Joe's career in baseball on and off the field, spanning 53 years

Importance of mental and physical health - Students will be encouraged to eat right, and keep a healthy body. A healthy body creates a healthy mind.

Career - Get an education and follow your dreams. A lot of youngsters strive to become professional athletes. Don't give up on that, but not all youngsters will become a professional athlete. You can still have the goal of working in sports or for a sports team in another capacity. Be adaptable and obtain your education to succeed in life. Joe is living proof of this, as he went from professional athlete to business/general manager to clubhouse manager and now serves as the Rangers' goodwill ambassador.

Respect - Students are encouraged to respect their teachers, parents and peers.

If you would like to schedule Joe Macko for an appearance, please send a written request with the name of your organization, date of appearance (six weeks minimum notice required), participation being requested (topic and length of speech), number of people in attendance, contact name and telephone number, driving directions with travel time and attire.
Send to the attention of Jenny Martin, Texas Rangers, P.O. Box 90111, Arlington, TX 76004-3111.