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Rangers Go Green

It's cool to go green on St. Patrick's Day, but it's even cooler to stay Green all year long. Every act, big or small, can affect our eco-footprint on the Earth.

How can you help? There are many ways, but here are a few that you can try at home:

  • Use reusable bags. (And recycle the plastic bags you've accumulated. Many local grocery stores collect old bags for recycling.)
  • Use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic disposable bottles.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room and use natural light whenever possible.
  • Unplug unused chargers and appliances.

This is a very short list and we encourage you to find ways to be more "green" in your community. Maybe some things the Rangers do will spark creativity for your "green" initiatives.

  • Grass clippings from field used to hold bare soil next to creeks, or used for mulch
  • Low flow irrigation heads and valves for water reduction on the field and surrounding complex
  • Recycle cooking oils from fryers
  • Recycle motor oils from vehicles
  • Broken pallets, tree trimmings shredded and mulched for landscaping
  • Office paper is shredded
  • Cardboard is compacted for recycling
  • Plastic bottles and aluminum bottles picked from seating bowl and recycled
  • Recycle bins added in public spaces for fans to use for plastic and aluminum, compliments of Coca-Cola & Ozarka
  • Carpet from remodels is recycled
  • Scrap steel/various metals recycled
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs recycled (contain mercury)
  • General plastics recycled: paint buckets, food containers, packaging products
  • Electronic trash is recycled: computer cpu's, monitors, televisions, etc
  • Rubber tires sent to shredders
  • Batteries recycled

Remember... Go Green and Go Rangers!

go green with the rangers!