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6th Invitation to Safeco Field

On May 27, children from Crestwood Elementary School in Covington, WA. were invited to watch a Mariners home game.

Here are some comments from Crestwood Elementary School.

"I had a fun day with my dad at the ballpark! Thank you."
(2nd Grade)

"This was my first game. I like to watch the Mariners play. I hope we can come again."
(3rd Grade)

"I am having a fun time at this game, I like it."
(3rd Grade)

"I enjoy taking the train to the Mariners game and taking my dad."
(1st Grade)

"Baseball is my favorite sport, and it's a lot of fun to see the Mariners in person instead of on TV."
(5th Grade)

"I like coming to Safeco Field because I get to spend time with my friends, and watch baseball, and get cotton candy. It' fun!"
(3rd Grade)

"We are so happy to be at Safeco Field on this beautiful afternoon, thank you!"

"Thanks for helping to facilitate a great family outing!"