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11th Invitation to Safeco Field

On September 8, children from Beverly Park Elementary School in Seattle, WA. were invited to watch a Mariners home game.

Here are some comments from Beverly Park Elementary School.

"I am having a fun time at the game."
(4th Grade)

"This is my first Mariners game, I hope they win."
(4th Grade)

"Thank you for giving us tickets, I am having fun."
(5th Grade)

"I like the stadium and the game."
(4th Grade)

"Thanks for the tickets!"
(4th Grade)

"This is my first time at Safeco Field and it is fun."
(5th Grade)

"I like the Moose, he is funny. Go Mariners!"
(3rd Grade)

"This is a great program, thank you for providing us with such a fun family outing."

"Our Beverly Park family was honored to receive the donation of tickets. Thank you very much!"