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Jonathan Mayo is an Draft and prospect expert. He has been a reporter for since 1999.

  • September 15 4:17 PM ET

    Bonus Mariners prospects: Nos. 21-25

    The march of bonus prospects goes on. Next up: The Seattle Mariners. As of today, the Mariners are just a game out of a Wild Card spot. While the current big league roster has certainly received a boost from big-time acquisitions like Robinson Cano, there’s also been a lot of help from within. Seager, Miller, […] More»
  • September 10 6:37 PM ET

    Bonus Pirates prospects: Nos. 21-25

    We continue our march through my teams’ 21-25 prospect lists. Next up is the Pirates, a fun system to talk about, and not just because I live in Pittsburgh and get to see these guys when they make it up to the big leagues. Last November in a Pipeline Perspectives piece, I touted the Pirates […] More»
  • September 08 7:20 PM ET

    Phillies bonus prospects Nos. 21-25

    The Phillies, as everyone knows, have a bit of an aging big league roster, with one of the highest average ages in Major League Baseball. The question, of course, is just what help is on the way. The Phillies Top 20 doesn’t provide a ton of immediate future solutions, though Maikel Franco is up now. […] More»
  • September 04 7:21 PM ET

    Bonus Twins prospects: Nos. 21-25

    Next up are the Minnesota Twins, one of the organizations I like writing about the most. I’ve long liked the way they go about their business and their system is one of the better ones in baseball. Even with injuries to the top guys, No. 1 overall prospect Byron Buxton and No. 9 Miguel Sano, […] More»
  • September 02 6:27 PM ET

    Bonus Angels prospects: Nos. 21-25

    It’s time to move on to the Angels. Truth be told, Los Angeles doesn’t have a particularly strong farm system, with 2014 first-round pick Sean Newcomb the only member of the Top 100. Only three in its Top 20 get an overall grade of 50 or better. That being said, they have gotten key contributions […] More»
  • August 27 1:15 PM ET

    Bonus Royals prospects: Nos. 21-25

    It’s time to continue my march through the bonus prospects on each of my lists. Next up: the Kansas City Royals. Not long ago, the Royals had the label of “best farm system” bestowed upon them, with a slew of pitching (mostly left-handed) prospects. Some have made it (Danny Duffy, finally), some have not (Chris […] More»
  • August 19 7:50 PM ET

    Bonus Rockies prospects: Nos. 21-25

    On Friday, I began the look at my extra prospects, posting my Reds No. 21-25 list. Now it’s time to move on to the Colorado Rockies. The Rockies system is a pretty good one, with three players in the Top 50 and five in the Top 100 . But even beyond that, it’s a pretty […] More»
  • August 15 6:55 PM ET

    Bonus Reds prospects: Nos. 21-25

    They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery. I hope it’s true because I’m about to rip Jim Callis off. Over the past couple of weeks, Jim has been unveiling his extra prospects, Nos. 21-25, for the 10 teams that were his responsibility on the Team Top 20 lists on Prospect Watch. If […] More»
  • August 14 3:20 PM ET

    Area Code Games by the numbers

    My look at the Top 10 performers at the Area Code Games ran recently, and I’m sure all of you devoured the look at the Area Code Games through the eyes of Trackman. Now I thought we could have some fun looking at the stats. As I’ve mentioned before, statistics at these events need to […] More»
  • August 11 8:05 PM ET

    Area Code Games through the eyes of Trackman

    Trackman does some cool stuff. And they were at Area Code Games, the high school showcase event held in Long Beach, for the entire event, providing info on things from as mundane as fastball velocity to more “out there” info like fastball spin and breaking ball spin. Here were the leaders, according to  Trackman, across […] More»
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