I feel great about my season so far and the way I have been swinging the bat. I have been working really hard as a hitter to put myself in this position. But what is more important to me is that I am doing my best to help put our team in a position to win.

What is also very important to me is that my knee is healthy this year. It is so important to have your legs underneath you when you are batting. It helps you generate power. Being healthy makes me available to be in the lineup every day. When it is my turn to hit, regardless of where I am batting in the order, I am ready to hit.

I am not really affected by where I am hitting in our lineup. As long as I am in the lineup, I will hit eighth or sixth, or wherever. When they give me a good pitch, I take a good swing. What is most important is helping the team to win.

Being comfortable in the batter's box has a lot to do with success. When you are comfortable at the plate, you see the ball really well. Sometimes when you are at the plate, you are trying to get comfortable. That affects how you see the ball. When you are comfortable at the plate, that is one less thing you have to worry about. Then you just worry about hitting the ball, but you feel good about that because you are seeing the ball well.

The home runs I have hit have been a combination of hitting balls out at home and hitting balls out on the road. That is important to me. It is important that I haven't just hit them all at home or all on the road. That goes back to being comfortable at the plate. They have also been spread out, too.

I have had some seasons with a lot of home runs, but I don't know right now if I am in that kind of groove. It is still early, and I will need some more time to see. I am going to take this one day at a time. I don't want to think about September. There are a lot of games left, so I just want to see what happens.

What also goes with hitting well is having your teammates behind you, having your teammates protect you. We have some good hitters here. It is still early, and some guys who have proven that they can hit will come around. We want to be hitting together.

In all, it is a lot of fun to go to home plate right now.

Cubs left fielder Alfonso Soriano, who has hit as many as 46 homers in one season, is tied for the Major League lead in long balls. Closing in on career game No. 1,500, Soriano has hit 11 of his team's 26 homers this season.