This is an exciting time for sports fans in Detroit with the Pistons in the NBA's Eastern Conference finals and the Red Wings in the NHL's Stanley Cup Finals. It reminds me a little of when we went to the World Series in 2006.

It's great that both our hockey team and our basketball team have advanced. The stars don't align like this for a city very often, so there's a lot of buzz around town right now. The fans are excited, and it's great for the local economy, too.

I read that something like 85,000 people were in attendance at Detroit sporting events a few nights ago when we all had a home game. I love that enthusiasm.

Players on our club are getting caught up in the excitement, too. I've been wearing a Pistons T-shirt under my Tigers game jersey for the past few games. It's my way of showing support.

A lot of our guys have gone to a lot of Pistons games as we have a lot of basketball fans in this clubhouse. We see some of the Pistons players wearing Tigers caps and we appreciate their support.

Unfortunately, I haven't made it to any of the playoff games at Auburn Hills because of our schedule. But I've gone to several regular-season games there. The playoffs are obviously bigger and better, but I'm happy to go to any Pistons game I can get to.

Our closer, Todd Jones, is probably our club's biggest Pistons fan. He knows Joe Dumars a bit and has gone to some of their shootarounds and practices. He always has a Pistons shirt on, too.

On Saturday night, we all wore red Tigers hats in pregame to show our support for the Red Wings.

Brandon Inge is probably our biggest Wings fan. I know he has a couple of hockey jerseys, and he's met some of their players before. Our bullpen coach, Jeff Jones, used to play hockey, and he's a big fan of the game. He told us that he was really good.

I'm not overly familiar with hockey, because I grew up in an area where hockey wasn't very prevalent, but I'd love the chance to go to one of those games and support them.

As players, we all know what a great sports town Detroit is. Winning and reaching the playoffs makes it an even more special place to play.

Zach Miner has played all three of his big league seasons in Detroit. He has won 11 games, including seven as a rookie in 2006. He also appeared in a World Series game that year and didn't allow a hit or a run in two-thirds of an inning.