I don't think we're experiencing a World Series hangover. I know I'm not. We're just not winning.

As players, we don't have the luxury of looking back. We play so many games over the course of a season that you don't have time to look back. The focus remains on the task for that day. Then you try and go out and do your job.

The fact is that we need to start winning some games. We are not off to a great start. We have started off pretty slow and we have to figure out ways to win.

This game is all about winning. Any way that you can find a way to win a game, that's the key. Right now, all we're focused on is trying to do that. It doesn't matter how we do it. Winning games is all that matters.

As a veteran player, you do try to express to some of the younger guys that there is a lot of time left. Everyone has different personalities, though. So for the most part, you try to approach the situation as a team, as a group in general. It's about getting that group as a whole to move together in the right direction.

This game humbles you so much. As a position player, even going 1-for-3 constitutes a good day. That's tough at times. Not winning is even more difficult. The way you deal with it is to keep your focus on each day's task and not dwell on things that already happened, or things that you can't control.

There's nothing wrong with the Cardinals that winning some games won't fix.

Veteran center fielder Jim Edmonds captured his first World Series title last year with the Cardinals. A four-time All-Star, Edmonds has reached the playoffs six times and has hit 13 postseason homers. The Cards are currently on a nine-game road trip before starting a homestand on May 22 against Pittsburgh.