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10/19/11 11:20 PM ET

A postgame interview with Ron Washington

Q. What was your view of what happened on that play with Beltre? Did he foul it off his foot?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, he said he did, and he had on those Velcro type shoes, so he asked him to check the ball; couldn't find anything on it. He said none of the umpires recognized it, so that's what it was about.

Q. What was your thinking when you sent German to the plate and just the pinch hitting scenarios that unfolded there?

RON WASHINGTON: Righty against a lefty. I thought he had a good chance against Rzepczynski with the breaking stuff he threw. He beat us. That's all there is to it.

Q. You talked before the series how you guys like this National League style of play, how do you like to be aggressive on the base paths. How much does a guy like Yadier Molina change that dynamic for you? Particularly in the sixth when Kinsler led off and you had Andrus bunt him over as opposed to the first, when you had him try to steal a base.

RON WASHINGTON: I didn't try to have him steal a base the first one. It was a hit and run that was missed. The next one we was in a tie ballgame in the sixth inning, I was getting him to second base to get my best hitters up to the plate.

Q. I apologize if it was asked before I walked in: When you went to your pinch hitters can you just tell us the thinking with using those particular guys at that timewith the third catcher. I think many of us may have thought Torrealba was going to come up at that point. What was your thinking with that match up?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, Gentry, generally when I take the outfielder out, which was Murphy, he's usually the guy I put in there. I thought Gentry had a pretty good swing, Rzepczynski beat him. And in German's case, he's a contact hitter. I thought he can handle Rzepczynski's off speed stuff. He beat us. You know, they beat us tonight.

Q. On C.J., he walked six, hit a guy, one was intentional. It's kind of been a pattern throughout the post season. What do you think has been going on with him?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I thought C.J. did a good job tonight. Yep, he may have walked some guys and he hit Albert, but he was in a 2 2 ballgame and he was battling Carpenter. As far as I was concerned, it was a pretty good ballgame, and C.J. did his job.

Q. If you had used Torrealba instead of German, were you thinking they would have brought in Dotel there?

RON WASHINGTON: No. No. Can you guarantee me that if I used Torrealba he would have done anything different? I used the guy that I thought could get me the base hit.

Q. Not to belabor it and I know it could have been a different situation, but is Torrealba healthy?

RON WASHINGTON: Torrealba is healthy.

Q. There was obviously a lot of talk going into the series about you guys being aggressive with the bullpen and that played out tonight. Your thought process when you go to Ogando in that situation?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, he was my best pitcher I felt right there in that situation. He can command all his pitches. I think in the end you have to give Craig credit; he beat him. We certainly didn't lose tonight; we got beat. They had an opportunity to push a run across. The pinch hitter got it done, and ours didn't. Got to give them credit, they beat us. We didn't give that game away tonight.

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