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10/11/11 11:15 PM ET

A postgame interview with Ron Washington

RON WASHINGTON: He's getting an MRI. We'll know more about it tomorrow. It wasn't difficult. Beltre said he could play.

Q. You mentioned Fister. What did you see in him?

RON WASHINGTON: Same thing you always see. Good sink, good breaking ball, good command. He came out. The first nine or ten pitches he threw in the ballgame were strikes. That's him. He attacked the strike zone. He's going to make you put the ball in play. He did a good job tonight. You have to tip your hat.

Q. On the ball that you said was supposed to be away to Cabrera, up and away, with Martinez on deck looking hobbled, did you think about really pitching around him there to get to Martinez and see if he could swing the bat?

RON WASHINGTON: That's what we was trying to do.

Q. Ron, how concerned are you about Michael Young's struggles and are you maybe considering moving him out of the four hole?

RON WASHINGTON: No, Michael struggled before. I don't think there's a baseball player that's playing the game that hasn't struggled. No, I'm not concerned. Michael will figure it out.

Q. Ron, back to what was asked about pitching around Miguel. The count was 0 2. So can you talk about what was supposed to happen versus what did happen?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, the ball was supposed to be out of the zone. He didn't put it there. That was what was supposed to happen.

Q. Wash, you talked about Fister and your respect for him. Would that explain Andrus bunting in the first inning? Or was he on orders to do that, or did he do that on his own?

RON WASHINGTON: He didn't bunt in the first inning.

Q. He tried.

RON WASHINGTON: That was on his own. That was on his own. He was bunting for a base hit right there.

THE MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in, Ron.


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