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09/21/11 5:24 PM ET

Hamburger tweets with Rangers fans

Tweet: @Rangers #texastwittertue You look like a quarterback. Did you ever play football? Glad you're a #Rangers player! - dxp7

Mark: I played WR, QB and CB in high school. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #texastwittertue If you went down in the hot dog costume, could you get up unaided? #rolling - dxp7

Mark: I had good mobility in that suit. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Who were your heroes growing up? #texastwittertue - averyfan

Mark: Kirby Puckett, GI Joe, and Navy Seals. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Mark, do you aspire to be a starting pitcher in your career or are you more comfortable at relief? #texastwittertue - gneauxmerci

Mark: I an happy to still be playing baseball, no matter what the role. It's all about putting on the uniform every day. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Hey Hamburger how was rookie hazing? #texastwittertue - Rangers_A7X_fan

Mark: It was expected but it wasn't as brutal as I expected. #texastwittertue

Tweet: I don't have a question. I just wanted to say that your facial hair is smart looking. @Rangers #texastwittertue - Dutchstache

Mark: Did you know that I shaved? No more mustache. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers When it comes to the team off the field, who have you connected with? Any teammate you hang out with the most? #texastwittertue - KaceyBatterton

Mark: Not really. This is a really good group of guys. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers hey, Mark! What's your favorite thing non-baseball related about playing in Texas? #texastwittertue - EmLikesBaseball

Mark: The friends that I've meet since I've been here and the Rangers fans who are so supportive, no matter the score. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Mark, have you ever considered naming your pitches after condiments? #texastwittertue - chaz_rogers

Mark: No, but I'll take that into consideration. Ask the question next week! #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Did you always know you wanted to be a baseball player or did something/someone inspire you to start playing? #TexasTwitterTue - katelynm5

Mark: My dad saw how much I loved baseball but I didn't know how to continue on. He found the tryout and he was the inspiration. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers When you were traded to the Rangers what was your reaction. It's been said you always wanted to be a Twin. #texastwittertue - jbrynsvold

Mark: It was bittersweet. It was hard to leave the guys I had known. But it was sweet becuase it was a new start. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers how is it being in a pennant race? #texastwittertue - mitchsmith67

Mark: Mindblowing. Knowing that I am THE Texas Rangers and playing with the big boys. Words don't express it. #texastwittertue

Tweet: What's your fav. Type of food? #texastwittertue - lacirenae

Mark: I love noodles and cereal. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Who's your favorite football team? :D #texastwittertue - lacirenae

Mark: The Minnesota Vikings, when the Moss toss was in effect. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @rangers if you could be any superhero who would you be and why? #texastwittertue - TexasRangers05

Mark: Spiderman chilling on a web hammock. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Do the guys ever make fun of your last name? #texastwittertue - Rangers_A7X_fan

Mark: Now that my name is no longer Hamburger and is now hot dog, I can see the Hamburger jokes declining. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers do you prefer cheese on your burger? #texastwittertue - Kelmorgan7

Mark: Yes I do. Just one slice. Unless its a Juicy Lucy with the cheese inside, #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Mark do you have any pets? What are they if so? #TexasTwitterTue - amac0913

Mark: Not at this time. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers what do you like to do in your spare time? Any dancing or other sports? #texastwittertue - Bekka_Trevino

Mark: I'm a roamer and free spirited so I just like to have fun mainly with friends. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #texastwittertue hey mark! Do you play fantasy football? If so who's on your team? - Matt_Massot

Mark: No, I'm not really a numbers guy. #texastwittertue

@Rangers: Mark had to go get ready for the game. Thanks to everyone for participating today and we apologize for the delay. #texastwittertue

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