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08/17/11 5:50 PM ET

Adams tweets with Rangers fans

Tweet: @Rangers Is it noticeable to the players after a football game has been played, like at Oakland? Does it affect fielding? -- xoklovee

Mike: Here we go with Mike. The field gets pretty beat up but overall they do a great job of getting back to playing shape. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #TexasTwitterTue Mike, what has been your favorite moment in your baseball career? -- Shaneyesss

Mike: Just having the opportunity to play in the big leagues. It's every kid's dream growing up. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Mike, welcome back to TX! Does having your hands high before u pitch help you with power/control or is it just your style? #TexasTwitterTue -- MaestroBT

Mike: It helps me get separation as I get ready to deliver the pitch. It's just become my style. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Hey Mike, welcome to our team! Which Texas Ranger are you most looking forward to playing with? #TexasTwitterTue -- sarahbara85

Mike: Really just the whole team, especially since they went OT in the World Series last year. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Hey Mike what's it like coming to our team knowing this club needed your presence? #TexasTwitterTue -- texasrangers12

Mike: It's flattering to know that you are wanted and to be able to help a team make that extra push. It's fun. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #TexasTwitterTue Mike, how has the adjustment from the National League to the American League been? -- AllieJ48

Mike: It's a little different -- a totally different style of play. I have to learn a whole new set of hitters. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What's your favorite thing about Texas so far? #texastwittertue -- whitbreezyy

Mike: I am Texas boy so getting back to Texas and having Whataburger. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Mike, who was your favorite baseball team growing up? #texastwittertue -- katelynm5

Mike: The Texas Rangers of course!

Tweet: @Rangers Welcome Mike! Who were your heroes growing up? #texastwittertue - averyfan

Mike: Nolan Ryan, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @rangers Coming from the NLW, some Rangers fans may not know much about you. What do you want them to know about you? #TexasTwitterTue - RangersExpress

Mike: That I'm a competitor and that I can get guys out. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Mike, are you a mac or pc? #texastwittertue - everydayfuneral

Mike: I just got a mac aboiut 3 weeks ago. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Mike, how has the climate change affected your approach? #texastwittertue -- Andygrill

Mike: It changes my eating habits mostly. I have to stay more hydrated and eat the correct types of food. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #TexasTwitterTue Mike congratulations on your career loved competing against you in the LSC. Glad your a Ranger. - ACUcoachBonneau

Mike: Much appreciated. I hope you are following the Rangers! #texastwittertue

@Rangers: Mike has to get ready for the game and we seem to be having a few technical difficulties today. Thanks for the questions.

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