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08/02/11 5:43 PM ET

Daniels tweets with Rangers fans

Tweet: @Rangers Is Jon happy about the farm system post trade deadline? #TexasTwitterTue - matt_yager

Jon: Very much so. We've tried to build this for the long haul. Our scouts and coaches have put us in great position. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers JD, without divulging state secrets, just how familiar are GMs with other teams' minor league talent at any time? #TexasTwitterTue - downtown2112

Jon: Our pro scouting dept.'s job is to know the talent in the other organizations. Josh Boyd does a great job with ours. #texastwittertue

Tweet: JD: Are you pretty much done with trades or do you anticipate some moves in August? #TexasTwitterTue - letstalkrangers

Jon: Nothing on the horizon. We may look for depth in a couple of areas. Things can change with an injury. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What is the plan for limiting Alexi Ogando's innings as we reach the homestretch of the season? #TexasTwitterTue - jbrynsvold

Jon: We are taking a common sense approach. No strict innings limit but we will give him extra time if needed. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Hey JD, my ten year old wants to be a GM one day (for real). Any advice for him? #texastwittertue - tconn

Jon: Play the game as long as you can. Watch read and talk baseball when possible. Ask a lot of questions and listen. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers is there a timetable for #LeyonesMartin debut in centerfield? #TexasTwitterTue - derekdoesdallas

Jon: He will be in big league camp next spring hopefuilly in a position to compete for a job. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers what is going to happen when Profar is MLB ready? #TexasTwitterTue - JHSmith169

Jon: That will be a great problem to have. Our inf is loaded with all-stars and our guys have filled the system with high upside #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers did you not want to give what you did for Adams for Bell? #texastwittertue - dkneipp1

Jon: Mike Adams had been a top target. We anticipated looking for 'pen help again this winter. This helps that he's here in 2012. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @rangers when the rosters expand, who might you look at first to call up? #TexasTwitterTue - TheJaybo

Jon: With Round Rock likely in the playoffs, we'll be respectful of that. At least a 3rd catcher and a couple of pitchers. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What sabermetric stats do you use in evaluating pitchers? #texastwittertue - mdunlap1

Jon: We are pretty thorough. Stats are still secondary to our scouts but we look at everything. #texastwittertue

Tweet: When is Beltre coming back? #texastwittertue - davenoland

Jon: He is eligible on Aug. 7. He will go through conditioning and likely a short rehab. Hope is middle of Aug. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers with CJ having 2 poor outings, any thoughts to skipping a start and spot starting Feldman? #texastwittertue - thejbenny

Jon: It is not a consideration. It's a long season. C.J. has been outstanding. #texastwittertue

Tweet: How impressed are you from your pitching staffs performence this year having more wins than the Phillies staff. #TexasTwitterTue - MapleboyPBM

Jon: Our starters have been our strength. It's been a good organizational effort to get to where we are no longer "all-slug". #texastwittertue

Tweet: What are your thoughts on the "ban" of the wave at the Ballpark? #texastwittertue - carolynewilson

Jon: As a fan, I was not a wave guy. I prefer a focus on the game. Whatever it take for our fans to show energy, I'm all for. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers hey JD what are you guys expecting from perez and sheppards next yr or even when the 25 man roster expands to 40 #texastwittertue - Mista_iRek

Jon: Both have high end ability. We see Perez as a starter who will take more time given his age and Scheppers more likely in BP.#texastwittertue

Tweet: What are the chances of moving Feliz to long-relief or the rotation and having Adams close? #texastwittertue - bpersinger71

Jon: That is a discussion for the off-season. He's our closer now and we are 100% focused on 2011. #texastwittertue

Tweet: JD: Did you ever pursue any outfielders for trades such as Beltran, Pence or Bourn? #TexasTwitterTue - tennisgirll21

Jon: We had interest in Beltran before his trade to S.F. #texastwittertue

Tweet: What role will Koji Uehara have in the bullpen? Or will he be pitched all over? #texastwittertue - thatkidKB

Jon: He'll be one of our primary setup guys. He can get righties and lefties out. Wash will use him as he sees fit. #texastwittertue

Tweet: As a GM, how much interaction do you have with the players on a daily basis? #texastwittertue - BertramGrover

Jon: It depends what time of year. More in spring training than the regular season. I'm there when we make a player move. #texastwittertue

@Rangers - Jon has to go back to work. He thanks you for your questions today. #texastwittertue

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