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07/28/11 4:35 PM ET

Holland tweets with Rangers fans

Tweet: @Rangers Ian said the best golfer on the team was him or Mark Lowe. Is that true? #TexasTwitterTue - terrywjohnston

Derek: It's probably Mark. He is better than Kinsler. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers which of your teammates would you least like to face? #TexasTwitterTue - matt_yager

Derek: Michael Young. He's a very tough out and great hitter. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Derek Holland, at what age did you decide you really wanted to pitch? #texastwittertue - ericcarroll

Derek: Maybe 6 or 7 after I watched my brother. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Derek, What is your favorite healthy snack? #TexasTwitterTue - MedCtrMcKinney

Derek: A bowl of mixed fruit. Very tasty. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers @rangerblake Derek, why have you so embraced your nickname? #texastwittertue - kewrick

Derek: I think it's funny and it's all about having fun. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #TexasTwitterTue what is your favorite thing to do on your off days? - caleylanelle

Derek: Golf or play some X-Box with some friends. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Hi Derek, congrats on win 9. Do you ever wish the AL would do away with the DH so you could get in on yesterday's action? #TexasTwitterTue - VegasTexan

Derek: No because of probably would have made all 3 outs in one inning. I'm not that great a hitter. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers hey Derek! Is it weird to go out in public and see someone wearing your name on their shirt? #TexasTwitterTue - tiffanyrenee11

Derek: Yes it's very wierd. I'm not used to that by any means but it's something you dream about. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Derek, what's the deal with Tateyama's giant glove? #TexasTwitterTueg - LarryJeff

Derek: It's normal size but it looks so big because he's so small. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Derek whats your favortie color? besides your team colors #texastwittertue - Rangers_A7X_fan

Derek: Blue and Maize for the Univ. of Michigan. I'm a diehard fan. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What have you been doing to try and be more consistent? #texastwittertue - tbaum15

Derek: Just staying the same person. Do the same workouts and stay the same. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #texastwittertue who's your fav. Band? - lacirenae

Derek: Linkin Park #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What's your favorite thing about playing in Texas? #TexasTwitterTue - whitbreezyy

Derek: The amazing fans and the great team chemistry. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #texastwittertue whats your fav cartoon? :D ps your awesome dutchie!! - lacirenae

Derek: Family Guy. Thank you for the compliment! #texastwittertue

Tweet: #texastwittertue who's your biggest influence? - lacirenae

Derek: My parents, my brother, and my uncle. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers How did you realize that you could do the Arnold voice? #TexasTwitterTue - mmontanez05

Derek: one of my good friends Kyle Dyar and I were messing around and it came to us. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What's your favorite kind of music? #TexasTwitterTue - whitbreezyy

Derek: Anything good to the ears. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Derick you tweeted a pic of your boxer Wrigley why did you chose a boxwr #TexasTwitterTue #boxerlove - mrmarler

Derek: Growing up I had a boxer named Butkus after Dick Butkus.

Tweet: @Rangers It's interleague play, you're batting. Do you stay patient and draw a walk, or do you go for the home run? #texastwittertue - JdotRodriguez

Derek: Definitely swinging for the fences. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @rangers what's the greatest tip Nolan Ryan has ever given you? #texastwittertue - JudPerk

Derek: There are so many and they are all great from him. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What sport would you play besides baseball if you had to? #texastwittertue - andrewtdavila

Derek: Without a doubt hockey. I love it. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Derek - What kind of movies do you like to watch on the team plane? #texastwittertue - rffan1

Derek: Comedy and action mostly. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers hi derek, what's your favorite out-of-town park to play in? #TexasTwitterTue - oakathletics51

Derek: Between Minnesota and Boston. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Ranger When you were a kid did you want to be a MLB player? #texastwittertue - maddie1453

Derek: Yes. It was always a dream and goal. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers who's your favorite NHL team? #TexasTwitterTue - BriLovesBiebs5

Derek: Columbus Blue Jackets and the Dallas Stars. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers what's your fav memory so far playing in the big leagues? #texastwittertue - 20Katie14

Derek: The shutout in Cleveland in June in front of all my friends and family. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #texastwittertue Who is the comedian on the team? - MikeandAmyWay

Derek: We have a lot of funny people in that clubhouse. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #texastwittertue Are you glad the NFL is back? - King_HenryXVI

Derek: I love watching football but I have no real favorite pro team. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #TexasTwitterTue Hey Derek! Why are you number 45? - BriLovesBiebs5

Derek: It was given to me. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Derek, you are my fave athlete and have been the past 2 years! What position would you play if you didn't pitch? - Katie Slaughter

Derek: Outfielder. That's what I played growing up. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #texastwittertue who did you idol as a kid - CruzJuanEdward

Derek: Pitch like Andy Pettitte and hit like Chipper Jones. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @rangers If you could choose, what team would you play against in the World Series? #TexasTwitterTue - Abeaver91

Derek: Beat Boston to get the World Series and play Philadelphia in the World Series. #texastwittertue

@Rangers - Derek has to go to work. Thanks to everyone who tweeted questions. And remember Don't Text and Drive! #texastwittertue

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