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07/06/11 1:23 PM ET

Cruz tweets with Rangers fans

Tweet: @rangers I have the same birthday as you! What's your fav thing about Texas? #TexasTwitterTue - @BryanWynn10

Nellie: The people and the weather. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Excited for #TexasTwitterTue with Nellie Cruz. 2 questions. What did you do for ur b'day besides hit a home run & ur best dugout prank? - @elmotweet

Nellie: We had a party at my house with my family. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Nelson, how do you get so much behind the boom stick? Power or speed? #TexasTwitterTue - @mikekusch

Nellie: It's both. That's the only way to do it! #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Nellie! What's changed about the way you play the game now from your rookie year!? #TexasTwitterTue - @ememilynoelle

Nellie: Experience and learning the pitchers. It's a game of adjustments and I've learned to do that. #texastwittertue

Tweet: What is your favorite pre-game ritual? @Rangers #TexasTwitterTue - @ericabennett

Nellie: Listen to music and take a shower to get ready and cool off. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers My question for Nelly is, who was your fav team & player growing up? #TexasTwitterTue - @amdavis36

Nellie: Montreal Expos and Vladimir Guerrero. It was great playing with him last year. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #TexasTwitterTue Were you surprised your teammates made you a birthday cake last week? Go Rangers! - @averyfan

Nellie: They told me they were going to do it so I wasn't surprised. #texastwittertue

Tweet: Do you have permission to play Winter League, If not, please start the paperwork so you can play in Dominican Republic #TexasTwitterTue - @R0MeR2

Nellie: Possibly but it's not in my plans right now. #texastwittertue

Tweet: What's your favorite Walkoff Moment that you've been apart of? #TexasTwitterTue - @TexAg09

Nellie: They have all been good. They are all big and mean a win for the Rangers. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Is there a difference between how you're playing now as opposed to before your injury earlier this season? #TexasTwitterTue - @lindseydoss

Nellie: Not really. I think my timing is just better at the plate now. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #TexasTwitterTue who is the toughest pitcher you've had to face? - @Mitch_McDougal

Nellie: All of the pitchers are tough; it's hard to single anyone out. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #texastwittertue @rangers Who's the best player you've ever played with? - @JudPerk

Nellie: Elvis Andrus. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers What's your absolute favorite pitch to hit? #TexasTwitterTue - @mmontanez05

Nellie: Fastball and a hanging curve. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Nellie, what's your favorite thing to do on non-game days? #TexasTwitterTue - @whitbreezyy

Nellie: I catch up on my sleep. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers what was the hardest part of being injured? #texastwittertue - @landenmartin

Nellie: It's frustrating that you can't contribute and help the team. You are just sitting on the bench. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Nelson What is the a meaning to the number 17? #TexasTwitterTue - @TYLERDELLNEEL

Nellie: They gave it to me as a rookie. I have no complaints with it. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #TexasTwitterTue Do you watch any College Football? What's your favorite team? - @colinreturn

Nellie: Yes. The University of Texas. Go Horns! #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Nellie! What's your fave way to celebrate after a big win? :) #TexasTwitterTue - @whitbreezyy

Nellie: A good meal. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @rangers #texastwittertue Nellie! What's your favorite road city? - @birdman_8

Nellie: I like to go to New York. I have family there and there's a lot going on. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #texastwittertue if you weren't a baseball player, what would you be? - @brandonsimonton

Nellie: Working as a mechanic. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #TexasTwitterTue Nellie, who's your role model? @Rangers - @whitbreezyy

Nellie: My father. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers #TexasTwitterTue Nellie, outside of hitting monster home runs. What's your favorite aspect of the game? - @TylerG02

Nellie: The running game and stealing bases. #texastwittertue

Tweet: #texastwittertue big fan right here nelson! What are your other hobbies? - @lacirenae

Nellie: I like to play video games. #texastwittertue

Tweet: @Rangers Hi, Nellie! The team has such camaraderie, do you think that is essential for winning or just a bonus? #texastwittertue - @txkelli

Nellie: Yes, I think it's very important. We have a good time together and that chemistry is important to a winning team. #texastwittertue

@Rangers: Nellie had to go get ready for the game. He wanted to thank everyone for sending in questions today. @texastwittertue

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