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06/13/11 10:00 AM ET

Inbox: Why was Thad Bosley let go?

Rangers beat reporter T.R. Sullivan answers fans' questions

Dismissing Thad Bosley seemed like a strange move. The offense seemed fine and there were other issues. Why did manager Ron Washington make that move all of a sudden?
-- Paul F., Fort Worth, Texas

This was described as an "organizational decision," which means that the front office had significant sway in the matter. It all came down to Bosley apparently not being able to earn the confidence and trust of the players. That the Rangers were doing well offensively -- according to the numbers -- despite some significant injuries was outweighed by the discontent in the clubhouse.

Do you think Juan Gonzalez will ever be elected into the Rangers Hall of Fame?
-- Katherine R., Tulsa, Okla.

He should already be in the Rangers Hall of Fame. That he isn't there yet is because of his alleged association with performance-enhancing drugs. The Rangers are going through the same angst locally that the Cooperstown voters are going through nationally when it comes to the so-called steroid era.

Could you see the Rangers landing Dan Haren at the Trade Deadline? What would it take to bring him to Texas?
-- Alex M., Carrollton, Texas

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Haren is with the Angels right now, and they are not out of it. The Halos are also not the kind of team to surrender easily and become sellers at the deadline. They may do so, but they have Haren under control for two more years and will likely want to build around him and Jered Weaver.

I'm the kind of guy who likes to think of all types of options. This isn't my favorite option, but it's fun to think about. What do you think of moving Mitch Moreland to the outfield and trading for a big-bat first baseman?
-- James T., Fresno, Calif.

Moreland seems to be developing into a big bat, kind of like Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz in the Rangers' outfield.

How much longer will the Rangers stay with Arthur Rhodes?
-- Sandy C., Lawton, Okla.

Right now, he is being used as a situational left-hander, meaning that he will primarily be used against left-handed hitters. He has been effective against them. The problem is that he is getting beat by right-handed hitters. Rhodes has been a highly successful Major League reliever, but the Rangers are rarely slow when deciding that a change needs to be made.

While I like Adrian Beltre, would it not have made more sense to wait a year and acquire David Wright, or make a deal for him at the Deadline? The Mets are drowning at best.
-- Bret B., Oklahoma City

If you go on past performance, Wright has superior career offensive numbers and he is also three years younger than Beltre. On the other hand, Beltre is the better defensive player and the Rangers' main goal in signing him was to upgrade their defense. Wright can't help anybody now, as he is on the disabled list with a stress fracture in his back.

It seems, the most recent Draft included, that the Rangers have been stockpiling outfielders. Is there a reason that so much of our energy is concentrated on the outfield right now?
-- James A., Plano, Texas

The Rangers are mainly stockpiling athletic, speedy multitalented center fielders. They can't get enough of those guys. What they are missing in the Minor Leagues are corner outfielders with power. They had a chance to get one in the recent Draft. They had two shots at Josh Bell, an outfielder from Dallas Jesuit who has a chance to be a power-hitting corner outfielder. But Texas wasn't interested in signing him to a $7 million signing bonus. But it might have been a better investment than being forced to pay $130 million to $150 million to a free-agent corner outfielder like Jason Bay or Jayson Werth.

Recently Moreland hit a home run in Tropicana Field that hit the cat walk, and Tampa Bay announced it to be around 425 feet. Then in Cleveland, Nelly flexed on a ball that was deep over the 370 sign and Cleveland said it didn't even go 450 feet. So how do they officially measure a long ball and is there a standard equation?
-- Jason W., Corinth, Texas

Each ballpark has a seating chart with the measurements. They refer to that when somebody hits a home run. But nobody is really taking those measurements seriously, and there has been much scoffing by the Rangers these days on the announced distances of some of their home runs. The trigonometry seems suspect.

Would the Rays or Orioles be a good trade partner for Chris Davis? Both need a young first baseman and both have an abundance of pitching.
-- John E., Lewisville, Texas

The Rays' bullpen is a big mess, but the Orioles certainly have what the Rangers want in either right-hander Jim Johnson or Koji Uehara. Baltimore definitely could use a long-term solution at first base.

Given Neftali Feliz's spot in the closer role, why do you think acquiring Matt Capps (closer) or Heath Bell (closer) would be "thinking big" at the Trade Deadline? What am I missing? Are there no other needs on the team?
-- Danny R., Tampa, Fla.

If the Rangers acquired one of those two, they could serve as a right-handed setup reliever for the rest of the season. They could also be closer candidates in 2012, although both will be free agents this offseason.

How long before we see Joe Wieland, Martin Perez and Neil Ramirez at the Major League level?
-- Bill M., Amarillo, Texas

In past seasons, two of the three would already be here by now. Ramirez is the one pushing down the gas pedal hardest. He is pitching well at Triple-A and could conceivably be a viable option if the Rangers have a need in the rotation at some point this season.

Who's going into the bullpen when Tommy Hunter comes back? Every starter is doing great, but Alexi Ogando, Derek Holland and Matt Harrison were great relievers.
-- Keenan H., Fort Worth, Texas

Ogando was a great reliever. Now he is doing great as a starter. Holland is the one that gets mentioned the most as a possible reliever. With his arm, he could be the lockdown late-inning setup reliever that the Rangers need. But right now, he is putting together a possible breakthrough season as a starter. Hunter most likely will end up in the bullpen.

Why does Washington change the lineup every night? I don't know of any other team that changes so often. I never know who is playing what or where, and I watch 150-plus games.
-- Matt H., Dallas

He does it to keep his starters "fresh" for an entire season and to keep his reserve players "engaged." Plus, he has to find ways to get David Murphy and Mike Napoli (now injured) in the lineup, and Michael Young in the field.

Do you think the Rangers would be willing to part with Nelson Cruz if they could get a No. 1 starter or a closer for when they move Neftali Feliz next year?
-- Kevin H., Petrolia, Texas

Anybody could be traded if the return is worth it. This isn't going to happen, but the Rangers would have Cruz on the first plane to Seattle if Felix Hernandez was coming to Texas. But Cruz would be a difficult piece to replace in the lineup, and the Rangers don't have much in the way of power hitters behind him.

When we signed Brandon Webb, I was really excited. As the season has progressed, I am starting to think more and more that we will not see him pitch this year. Do you think he will be able to help us in the second half?
-- Darrin K., Red Oak, Texas

Webb still has time. It's just a matter of building endurance and stamina. He has not had both, and it is now 26 months since he pitched in the big leagues. He doesn't have to be overpowering if he has his "turbo" sinker, but he does need much more arm and overall body strength.

In your last Inbox article, someone asked if Michael Young and Ivan Rodriguez would have their numbers retired. You said nothing about Pudge. What gives? He is a baseball legend and played the prime of his career in Texas.
-- Eric W., Trenton, Texas

Rodriguez's No. 7 is already being worn by David Murphy. But at some point, Rodriguez is going into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, and he will be going in as a Ranger.

When I buy a ticket for a seat at the baseball game (say an upper-level seat), is it illegal to move to a better seat at the game if the better seat is empty?
-- Margie M., Perryville, Texas

Sorry, but this is not the "Price is Right" where you can just "come on down!"

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