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05/12/11 11:40 AM ET

Ryan hosts Twitter chat with Rangers fans

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, what is the best part about being the president of the Texas Rangers? #TexasTwitterTue -- Diesel404

Nolan: #texastwittertue Being involved with the day-to-day operation of the club and following the team on a game-by-game basis.

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, who is your pitcher to watch coming up in the Minor League system? #TexasTwitterTue -- Diesel404

Nolan: #texastwittertue Martin Perez, Robbie Erlin, and Neil Ramirez. I think they all have a bright future with the Rangers

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, who was your favorite catcher? #TexasTwitterTue -- Diesel404

Nolan: #texastwittertue Jeff Torborg with the Angels, Alan Ashby with the Astros and Pudge Rodriguez with the Rangers

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, do you have a favorite player to watch? Doesn't have to be a Ranger. #TexasTwitterTue -- Diesel404

Nolan: #texastwittertue I enjoy Adrian Beltre playing 3B, Dustin Pedroia at 2B, and Derek Jeter perform all around; he's a real pro.

Tweet: @Rangers What have you thought of Rhads PBP performance so far? Who made the decision to let Lewin go and hire Rhads? #TexasTwitterTue -- stevenjnathan

Nolan: #texastwittertue I feel as if he is improving his play-by-play. We are asking him to do something he hasn't done and need to give him time.

Tweet: #TexasTwitterTue are we working to keep our SP out of their own heads? They seem to be mind melting on the mound ever other outing!! -- hatemongor

Nolan: #texastwittertue When a team is struggling, the tendency is for everyone to do more than they should. It makes the problem even worse.

Tweet: @Rangers You had a lot of great games as a pitcher. Do you have a personal favorite? #TexasTwitterTue -- Diesel404

Nolan: #texastwittertue My 7th no-hitter because it came so late in my career and I thought that was a part of my career that was behind me.

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, what important differences do you see in this year's club compared to last? #TexasTwitterTue -- bcaraway

Nolan: #texastwittertue At this time the number of injuries we have experienced. And as a club we have not performed well

Tweet: @Rangers Mr. Nolan, do you like huntin' and shootin'? #texastwittertue -- McCellandGun

Nolan: #texastwittertue At this point in my life, my hunting days are really behind me.

Tweet: @Rangers A lot of pitchers name you as who they looked up to when they were growing up. Who were your favorites growing up? #TexasTwitterTue -- Diesel404

Nolan: #texastwittertue Sandy Koufax, Warren Spahn --two very good lefthanders

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, what advice can you give any up & coming pitcher to keep their arm healthy? #TexasTwitterTue -- jtschauffeur

Nolan: #texastwittertue Develop a good delivery, throw long toss, and make sure you are in the best shape you can possibly be.

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, what hitter did you have the most trouble getting out in your career? #TexasTwitterTue -- bcaraway

Nolan: #texastwittertue Will Clark, George Brett were both tough outs.

Tweet: @Rangers #texastwittertue Many years ago I heard you say Ken Caminiti had the best arm you've ever seen. Is that still the case? -- jesscii

Nolan: #texastwittertue From third base that is true. And Shawon Dunston had the best arm from shortstop.

Tweet: @rangers Mr. Ryan, what will be the key in getting the ballclub back on track this year? #texastwittertue -- tozanne

Nolan: #texastwittertue Getting our key players healthy again and our bullpen performing better.

Tweet: @Rangers Which are your favorite Sabermetrics? Which do you most closely follow in evaluating players? #texastwittertue -- mdunlap1

Nolan: #texastwittertue look at hits per innings pitched and walks vs. strikeouts

Tweet: @Rangers In prep for the Draft, do you prefer college kids or high school prospects? Advantages or disadvantages of both? #TexasTwitterTue -- terrywjohnston

Nolan: #texastwittertue If the talent level is the same, I prefer college players. They have a better understanding of what they are getting into.

Tweet: @Rangers What's the biggest thing you understand now as an exec that you wish you'd have understood as a player? #TexasTwitterTue -- downtown2112

Nolan: #texastwittertue The challenges that an organization has of making money and being profitable.

Tweet: @Rangers Nolan, who do you think plays the best role as a leader within the Rangers' organization? #TexasTwitterTue -- SoonerShiner

Nolan: #texastwittertue On the field, it is Michael Young with preparation on a day-to-day basis and his approach to playing the game.

Tweet: #texastwittertue With Kinsler struggling at the plate, are you and/or Washington considering a change at the top of the lineup? -- scrubbrush

Nolan: #texastwittertue With his speed & ability to steal bases & ability to work the count, we look for him to be more efficient.

Nolan: #texastwittertue Thanks for the questions today. Check back Tue. 5/17 for our next guest --> texasrangers.com/twittertuesday

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