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04/27/11 5:40 PM ET

Murphy chats it up with fans before game

angers outfielder David Murphy chatted with fans before the game. Topics of discussion included why he wears his socks high and why he wears No. 7, his teammates, the 2010 postseason, his childhood hero and much more.

1THU3: I saw when you and Emily had a taco eating contest. What is your favorite food?

Murphy: Fajitas - beef, Mexican food is my favorite. It's my go-to when I'm really hungry.

saritacafe: Has anybody ever told you that you look like Ferris Bueller's best friend, Cameron, from the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?

Murphy: Yes, I hear that all the time. I don't know whether to take that as a good thing or a bad thing, but my teammates and I always have some laughs about it.

rockyrox: With Hamilton's injury, you have been labeled as his replacement. What's your mentality going into each game knowing you have a big role to fill with him being a great offensive and defensive player that he is?

Murphy: I simply try to be the type of player that I know I can be. I know that I'm not going to fill Hamilton's shoes so there's no reason to put that type of pressure on myself.

rockyrox: During Game 6 of the ALCS, what was going through your mind in the top of the 9th from the point Feliz got the first out to the last and final out?

Murphy: This is the best moment I've ever experienced on a baseball field.

rockyrox: If not playing baseball, what would you most likely be doing right now as your profession?

Murphy: That's a good question... I'm not exactly sure. Probably something involved with baseball because it's what I know and I would hope to pass what I know down.

rockyrox: Out of your teammates, who would you label as being the funniest? Most serious?

Murphy: Funniest is Nelson Cruz because he's always saying witty things and it's funny to hear him speak English. Serious is a tough one because we have a club house full of loose and easy-going guys.

beckster9: What is your favorite position to play?

Murphy: I don't really mind where I play just as long as I'm in the lineup. I'm probably the most comfortable in left field because thats where I played the majority of games in my big-league career.

alyssa86: I love that you are one of the few players who wear their socks high. What is your reason for doing it instead of wearing your pants to your ankles?

Murphy: For one it's more comfortable, but also I like to be different and I feel like it's more of an old-school look which is the way I try to play.

rockyrox: If a kid approached you and said you were their hero, what would be your response to him/her?

Murphy: That would be as good of a compliment as you can get.

aggierebel: Hey Murph, I've said for a while that you are the most underrated player on the team. It seems though that you are finally getting some recognition. Why do you think you got overlooked for so long?

Murphy: I don't really care about being overlooked. I feel like our team is so successful because we have so many guys that care more about how the teams plays than about individual recognition.

cori14: Being a lefty, did you have any hardships to overcome on the field? My 4-year-old nephew (a lefty too) wants to be No. 7 just like his favorite player Murphy when he grows up. Is their any advice you could give him?

Murphy: Think of it more as an advantage. Yes, left-handed players are limited to the positions they can play, but teams are always looking for good left-handed pitching or hitting.

FourthTenor: Good afternoon David, did you play baseball year round when you were younger and if so, what kept you from getting burned out? My son wants to play all year long each year, no basketball or football, just baseball, but I'm afraid he'll get burned out.

Murphy: No, I did not play year-round. I loved it, but I definitely needed a break here and there and I played basketball during the winter. If he loves baseball and wants to play, then let him play. But don't force him to do anything he doesn't want to, if he gets to that point.

RangersFan4LIfe: Does playing every day now affect your approach to the game or your preparation and workout habits?

Murphy: I'm to the point now where I know my routine if I'm going to play and not going to play. So now that I am playing every day, my preparation is basically the same, but I do have to cut back on my workouts a little bit.

RangersFan4LIfe: Between you, Hamilton, and Cruz, who has the better arm?

Murphy: I definitely have the worst of the three. I don't feel like I have a bad arm but Josh and Nelson are very talented in that aspect.

rockyrox: Most athletes are also fans. What other sport, team, or event are you a big fan of, if any?

Murphy: Off the field I don't have as much time to keep up with sports as I used to since I have three kids. I keep up with Baylor athletics. I love the Houston Rockets. but that's really about it. Being part of the American League champions is a huge honor and I love being on a team with such a great group of guys. It's a dream enough to be a Major League baseball player, but when you add those two things in, you really love going to work everyday.

kristiea: From a fellow Baylor Bear: I was able to catch three Spring Training games this year and noticed you were the only player who played all game every game -- any significance to that?

Murphy: That's something that I asked to do. I feel that it's harder to get into a rhythm when you only get two to three at bats in one day and one to two the next day.

hsc1985: My wife always notices your style of practice swing in the batter's box (kind of like Nomar Garciaparra used to do). At what point in your career did you adopt this style, and how does it help you settle into an at-bat?

Murphy: Growing up, my dad always preached having a level swing. That's where it started and I guess it just stuck with me.

jamie7615: How can you infect the rest of the team with your enthusiasm for the games, that the other team members can play better all around.

Murphy: I just think if you come to the ballpark each day with a good disposition that will rub off on your teammates. If you lack energy and enthusiasm, you will be singled out at some point and it will rub off on your teammates.

Jaybyrd1017: I noticed you are hitting the ball a lot better this year. I was wondering if there was any specifics that you worked on in the offseason?

Murphy: I actually don't feel great so far, but I found a way to get off to a better start since I had miserable Aprils in '09 and '10. I think I just worked on being more focused in Spring Training so that would carry into the regular season.

jess0722: What is it like being a part of the Texas Rangers organization?

Murphy: It's awesome to be able to play for the team in my home state, but the fact that we are a winning team and have a great group of guys, makes it the best job I can imagine.

1ranger1: I noticed other Rangers are growing a beard. Are you going to take part?

Murphy: I don't think I can grow a beard if I tried.

jaytorres: Besides being a Major League player, did you have any other careers in mind?

Murphy: I think it would be fun to coach some day.

jaytorres: Were you always an outfielder?

Murphy: I pitched in high school and was supposed to try in college, but never ended up doing so. I also played a little first base, but I knew my future would be in the outfield.

aubyntx: With the work schedule that you have, what do you do to make time for worship and Bible study?

Murphy: It's hard to get to church on Sundays. We have a team chaplain that holds chapel each Sunday and hopefully a Bible study during the week. And we try to get together on the road every now and then to have Bible study in our rooms.

char73: I love that your song is Strong Tower. I actually went out and bought Kutless's CD because of you! How does your faith play a role in your baseball career?

Murphy: God put me on this stage for a reason. I have a huge chance to use baseball as a ministry and share Jesus through the way I play and act on and off the field.

texwalker7: After living in both Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston, which city do you prefer?

Murphy: I love both. Houston has a special place in my heart because that's where I grew up. But I love DFW and I think it's a great place to raise a family.

texwalker7: I always see you chatting it up with different players in the dugout. Who do you hang with the most?

Murphy: I probably hang out with Josh Hamilton the most. We play cribbage a lot whether its on the clubhouse, plane, or our hotel rooms.

texwalker7: I know Julio and yourself have battled all spring and season for the third outfielder position. Before Josh got hurt and even now knowing that Josh will return, is there any tension between yourself and Julio?

Murphy: I love Julio. He's a great kid and a really good player. There has been absolutely no tension between us because we both understand how the game of baseball works.

texwalker7: What was the biggest accomplishment of your career? The 2008 Topps Rookie Outfielder of the year? Winning the ALCS? Or simply being drafted to the Red Sox?

Murphy: Winning the 2010 ALCS, hands down.

texwalker7: Who was your favorite baseball player growing up?

Murphy: Ken Griffey, Junior. He was a great player and always looked like he was having fun playing the game.

texwalker7: Why No. 7?

Murphy: I actually wore No. 7 a lot growing up just because I like it, no particular reason. When I first joined the Rangers, they gave me No. 28 and the following year we re-signed Kevin Mench so I gave him his number back and No. 7 was the best available number.

texwalker7: What kind of music do you like to listen to? Favorite band?

Murphy: I like all kinds of music from Coldplay to George Strait to Casting Crowns. I like it all.

rrf00b: Do you still hold any records at Baylor?

Murphy: That's a good question. In my junior year I set the record for hits, but I'm not sure if I still hold it.

rrf00b: What did you buy with your first big signing bonus?

Murphy: I bought a car and a computer and the rest I used for every day life.

Murphy: Thank you to everyone for submitting questions. It was truly an honor to see so many people interested in me. I hope to catch up with everyone the next time I chat online.

Moderator: And Murphy is off to the clubhouse to get ready for tonight's game (7:05 p.m. vs. the Blue Jays). Stay tuned for our next player chat at texasrangers.com/chat. Go Murphy... and Go Rangers!

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