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10/20/10 12:51 AM ET

Postgame interview with Holland, Molina

Q. Derek, what's your mindset coming into bases loaded and one out situation?

DEREK HOLLAND: The main thing was definitely just come in and make sure to get the least amount of damage. I don't want them to score any runs and just make my pitch.

Q. When you were watching, I presume the 2006 NLCS when Yadier hit the home run, is this comparable at all?

BENGIE MOLINA: Actually two minutes before it happened, I was actually yelling in my kitchen, "Sit on the change, sit on the change, sit on the change, please, just sit on the change." And he threw a changeup and I was very happy. (Laughter.) So I had a lot of fun that night.

Q. Moments comparable, do you think?

BENGIE MOLINA: I don't think it's the same. I think it's very happy for both of us, but he enjoyed it a lot. I'm just here still waiting for one more game, and then we'll see what happens.

Q. What were you thinking when they walked Murphy to get to you, and can you just take us through what you saw there?

BENGIE MOLINA: I was actually looking for a good pitch to hit, that's all. I think when something like that happens, I always said it, it's the game. Murphy, he's a great hitter and he kills right handers, so why not walk him and face me. I haven't been having a great season. I don't think it's a bad move. I think it's the right move that went wrong.

Q. You've had some success against the Yankees in the playoffs before; what do you point to for the reasons for that in?

BENGIE MOLINA: I don't know. I don't see who I'm facing, I'll tell you that. I've been blessed, I think, by God just giving me good games against them. I don't see it like, here come the Yankees, I'm going to have a great game. I don't see it that way. It's not a bad for a fat kid that everyone makes fun of when he runs.

Q. Can you talk about working with a veteran catcher like Bengie and about what he specifically brings to the table for you?

DEREK HOLLAND: It's been real huge for me. It's been a good communication thing, we have been on the same page for the most part. I've been learning a lot from him and he's been helping me a lot with going right to the mitt and not falling off so much.

Q. It was not too long ago that you were wearing the Dora the Explorer backpack, we are talking about months, basically and it's been a big move over the last couple of months as far as your performance goes. From that point on, to now, and this very moment, what's been the mindset, like when you came out of the bullpen today, what was your mindset exactly in Yankee Stadium in?

DEREK HOLLAND: I was definitely a little nervous coming into Yankee Stadium, especially in the playoffs, but at the same time you have to have fun with it. That's how I've been taught and everything. I've been around a lot of veteran guys and learned a lot from them and it goes to show with how I've been performing that you can tell I've definitely learned a lot from those guys.

Q. Did you change your catching gear tonight, and also, on your home run when you were nearing third base, you were pointing up in the stands, were you pointing to anyone in particular or just a group of Rangers?

BENGIE MOLINA: My family is very special for me, every time I do good, I thank God and I thank my dad for every day of my life. My dad passed away two years ago, and my mom is here, and her health is not very good, and my wife is here supporting me. It's like a little excitement and enjoying the moment. I got a foul tip on the leg on a shin guard and it broke and it kind of cut my leg, so I couldn't play like that, so I had to go to a new one.

Q. Do you assume that Yadier was watching, and if he was watching, what was he saying to himself in his kitchen? BENGIE MOLINA: When we're done, I'm going to show you the text. They are enjoying it so much. They are home and they have a great game room to watch the games, and I'm sure they are having fun.

Q. You also talked about pressure in coming into Yankee Stadium and being a little nervous and obviously Bengie, you've done this before, but this team is 5 0 on the road in the post season, can you both give me an idea about how you've dealt with the pressure and just being in the post season even though you've done so well on the road?

DEREK HOLLAND: I think the big thing is we don't really think too much about it. One thing is we like being considered the underdog going into people's places. They all talk about home field advantage; we want to be able to show that there's no such thing.

BENGIE MOLINA: And my opinion is that we came here, we are supposed to lose. So, let's go out there and have fun, see what happens.

Postgame interview with Ron Washington

Q. Can you just talk about the performance by Derek for you tonight?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, he did a great job. We certainly needed him to come right there and try to neutralize their best left handed hitters and he did that. We was hoping we could get Tommy through five but they came out and were swinging the bats pretty well and just worked him up pretty good for three innings. Then Derek came in and settled things down a little bit until we could get in the flow of the game offensively, and we ended up doing that.

Q. In the fourth inning with the bases loaded and one out, how big was it for Elvis to get one out?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, it was huge. Especially with Gardner putting that ball in play. He played him a little bit to the side, to the opposite hole there. Derek made the pitch away from him and he hit it in the hole and he made an excellent play diving to get it. That really minimized the damage right there. They took the lead 3 2, but minimized the damage and we got out of the inning.

Q. Against Tampa Bay, you had them up against the wall and let them back in; have you learned any lessons about how you'll close the Yankees out without letting them back in?

RON WASHINGTON: We are not thinking about how we are going to close anyone out. We are going to go out there and play baseball, and whatever the game asks us to do, we'll do it. We are not coming to the ballpark tomorrow night with the only thing on our minds of closing somebody out. We are coming to the ballpark tomorrow with our minds on baseball and our minds reacting to whatever the game says we have to react to. If it happens, it happens. And if it don't, it doesn't happen.

Q. How important was it, Cruz tagging up at second to make it a three run inning?

RON WASHINGTON: The ball was hit deep to center field and we certainly needed to try to move up a bag right there and it opened up first base and they ended up walking Murphy and then Molina ended up getting a three run shot to put us ahead and from that point the offense opened up. Those are the type of things that you have to take advantage of in the ballgame, and we did.

Q. You've been to Yankee Stadium a lot of times, have you seen it empty out this early, new and old Yankee Stadium, this early?

RON WASHINGTON: No, I haven't. But Yankee fans, they are so into wins so much I really don't have anything to say about that, other than the fact that I'm glad my guys finally opened up offensively tonight.

Q. Can you talk about what Bengie has meant to you coming to this team, middle of the season, and what he's done?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, you know, the things he's doing for us offensively, I think it's been forgotten, because he got off to a bad start this year. But if you look on the back of his baseball card, he's always been an RBI guy. He finds ways to get RBIs in, and today we certainly needed someone to step up and in a crucial situation there, he stepped up and got us a lead in that ballgame and from that point, we figured some things out offensively and put some more runs on the board. He's certainly been a big lift to my young pitching staff, the way he called ballgames back there, and since we have gotten into the playoff, his game, mentally, has just elevated.

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