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10/16/10 9:03 PM ET

ALCS Game 2 postgame interview: Washington

Q. Obviously it was a big turnaround for your team today. Just wondering, did you guys have any kind of a talking last night or a meeting last night or before today's game, just to kind of get less night's disaster kind of washed away?

RON WASHINGTON: No, we didn't. It was no usual than any other game. Go to clubhouse and talk about the positives, and those guys have always bounced back. And they did it today. So I'm not surprised.

Q. Could you take us through your thinking on the double steal, because it seemed to set a tone for the whole game.

RON WASHINGTON: Well, had speed. I had Hamilton at first and I had Elvis at third base. Opportunities seemed right, so I took a chance. That's the way we play. It worked. Got us going.

Q. Did you hope to sort of get a spark there, as well as a run?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, you know, as I said, I'm looking at opportunities, and it presented itself, or that's the type of game we play. I took a chance that the throw would be made to second base. If he faked it, wouldn't have happened. But he didn't fake it. So we executed.

Q. You were saying you hoped your bullpen would get almost the same exact opportunity as they had Friday night today. How do you feel about the way they pitched in the eighth inning there?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I feel good. That's what they have been doing for us all year. That's how we got to this point.

As I said last night, we didn't get it done. We didn't make any excuses about it. We took the whipping. We took a shower, and came back to play a ballgame today. And every game presents different circumstances. That's the way my team has always been. We just come to play baseball, and whatever the day introduces, we try to play to it.

That was it. I was going to give the ball back to those guys; if it presented itself, it presented itself. They did a great job. I expected it.

Q. What did Colby give you today?

RON WASHINGTON: He gave us exactly what we needed. I always said, if he can command his ball, keep them out of too many offensive counts, that he would do well. And he certainly did.

Once again, got to the sixth inning there, he just ran out of gas. Started losing command, and that's when we knew that it was time to go get him.

Q. Can you coach resiliency? Your team has been resilient all year. Is there anything that you do?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I don't know if you can coach resiliency, but you can give them a mindset and the mindset is the day you're playing. If you come and play baseball the way the game presents it to you on each single day, and each day is different, you get different circumstances; and that's the mindset I try to portray and my team has taken it on. Every time things look bleak, they show up and they showed up today.

Q. It's a long season, it's easier to be resilient -- is it harder to be resilient in a short series like this?

RON WASHINGTON: Well, I don't know. I think someone else will have to answer that. I know we are resilient. We showed it today and we came back and we played. I didn't see any effects of last night.

When you get to this point of the season, you can't get one night affect the next. That's what it's all about. And these guys have done it all year, and they don't expect anything less. We don't expect anything less. And they went out there today and they played good baseball against a pretty good team.

Q. Are you happy that you won't have to answer questions about winning at home any more in the playoffs?

RON WASHINGTON: (Laughing) Well, I had a feeling it would happen. My ballclub is a totally different ballclub. We can win ballgames in many ways. I think the world is beginning to see the Texas Rangers. You know, we was locked in. We won the West. We didn't win as many games as everyone else, but I have a bunch of guys that come and play the game of baseball, and whatever comes, they take. They make mistakes, but they get over it, and you have to have that type of attitude to perform in this game, because this is a very humbling game. And we just play baseball.

ALCS Game 2 postgame interview: Murphy

Q. David, how did you guys kind of erase everything that happened last night? Was there any kind of talking among yourselves, either after the game last night or before today's game?

DAVID MURPHY: I don't think it was any different than any other tough loss. I think once we left the field, we went to bed. You know, it was erased.

I'm not going to say it was easy, because it was obviously -- it was a tough loss to swallow. But at the same time, you're going to have that. And so we knew that we needed to wake up today with a clean slate, fresh state of mind, and come to the ballpark ready to win.

Q. What does it do for this team's offense to get the top two Yankees pitchers and be able to score seven runs and six runs in two straight games?

DAVID MURPHY: I think it builds a lot of confidence. Obviously we are the type of team that we didn't fear anybody. Sabathia is a great arm, obviously he had a great year. And Phil Hughes is a young guy and had a great start to the season. I mean, they are in the postseason for a reason. They have got a great lineup, but they have got a great pitching staff, as well.

I don't think we are going to back down from anybody, and we are going to take the same approach against, you know, whatever pitcher we face; have solid at bats.

Q. How important is it the first inning when they go one, two, three, and you get the double steal and get the quick run?

DAVID MURPHY: That was huge. I think any time that we've seen in the postseason for this team that we can get some runs on the board early, I think that's huge for whoever our starting pitcher is. Obviously that type of play, we proved in Tampa and we proved today that we are a team that likes to be aggressive on the basepaths, and I think we proved it last night, also. It just didn't work out favor.

It's just a play that adds energy and gets us off on the right foot.

Q. For years, Texas teams have been known for their hitting. But you have gotten really great performances the first two games from C.J. and now Colby. What does that say about where you are as a team heading into the three games in New York?

DAVID MURPHY: I mean, I think it was obvious that there needed to be a little bit of a change in this organization if we are going to have success. I mean, there are plenty of teams that could kill the ball offensively, but you know, didn't get to the post season. Maybe didn't even have a record over .500 because they couldn't pitch.

And so I think everybody knew with what Mike Maddux has brought, and you know, the philosophy that Nolan has brought in here that we were going to gear our organization, our franchise for pitching to be our backbone.

Obviously it's worked. It started last year. We got better and then we have gotten even better this year. So, you know, like I said, I mean, we knew pitching was going to have to be our backbone if we were going to get to a spot like we are now.

Q. What kind of spark has Moreland been able to provide you so that you can get the top of the lineup going?

DAVID MURPHY: It's been a huge spark. I could tell the second that he got called up that he's a guy that he grinds up there, he has great at-bats. He's not afraid to draw a walk, and he's got some power, too. So you look at his numbers throughout the course of the regular season for a rookie coming in, in the first base spot, it's huge for us to get production out of our first baseman and in the nine-hole.

ALCS Game 2 postgame interview: Cruz, Lewis

Q. For both, after last night's, what could have been a very demoralizing -- well, I'm sure it was a demoralizing loss, did you guys discuss any of that among yourselves, or was there any kind of a mindset before today's game about just trying to get that loss eradicated, and the way you guys came out today and were a totally different team after that eighth inning last night?

COLBY LEWIS: No, we didn't get together and talk or anything like that. I think we just knew what we needed to do. We had two games here at home and we needed -- after last night, we just needed to come out today and split it and go back to their place, plain and simple.

I don't know if you want to use the world demoralizing. I think that's a pretty harsh word. But I think we just had one rough inning, and I think, you know, we scored a lot of runs last night and we scored a lot of runs today. That's what kind of team it shows that we are.

NELSON CRUZ: We have been doing that all year long, you know, after a tough loss like last night, we come out strong and we showed that tonight.

Q. How important was it for you to get the early lead there?

COLBY LEWIS: Well, I mean, Elvis got on, and basically took three bags. That was huge for us, I think, to come out, and for me to get some quick outs and get back on the board again and get right back to what we were doing last night.

So they did a great job. I mean, they put up seven runs for me and made it real comfortable and easy to go out there and continue to pound the strike zone.

Q. Could you just completely put last night out of your mind and not have any -- how do you avoid having a hangover from what happened yesterday? It was a tough, tough loss.

NELSON CRUZ: It was hard. We got the win -- we needed just six more outs to get the win.

Like I say, you've just got to get over that. We believe in the bullpen. They have been doing it all year long, and I think that they are doing it in the postseason, also.

Q. After going back and forth between the Minors and Majors for a few years, what does it mean to you personally to have this type of success for the Rangers this year in the postseason?

NELSON CRUZ: It's great. I always thank the Rangers, they have always given me an opportunity. I like to play this kind of game. I think the experience you get in winter ball, maybe playing in top series in winter ball, Caribbean Series, it helps right now.

Q. Did you pitch your best as you hoped for?

COLBY LEWIS: I mean, I think I felt the best I probably felt in the last couple of weeks. Today, definitely, from the previous start, a lot more nerves were gone for sure. I felt like, you know, I was just going to go out there and do my job, and felt like a regular season game.

I felt like I commanded a lot of pitches, and was able to get some quick outs. And a little disappointed that I couldn't go deep in the game, but you know, it was definitely relaxing for those guys to go out there and put up the runs they did today.

Q. What did the double steal do that got you that run quickly in the first inning, after last night, to have a double steal and pull off that? What did that do as far as the momentum of the team?

COLBY LEWIS: I think I answered a little bit earlier, it was just to get right back on track of what we were doing last night. Get ahead early and kind of put the pressure on them.

Q. Are you saying that you were nervous in the playoff game last week?

COLBY LEWIS: No, I wasn't nervous. I definitely felt more relaxed. I think that's the key word -- yeah, today, for sure.

I think, you know, I mean, for my first playoff game against Tampa, I was kind of more in awe, the stuff that you see on TV, and you never really get to experience postseason with the rally towels and all that stuff. It felt like a regular season game today where I needed to go out and do a job and get us back on track, and like I said, these guys did the job for us today.

Q. Were you just as focused the whole game, or was there any inning that you could enjoy pitching?

COLBY LEWIS: No, I mean, you have to stay focused the whole time. I mean, for sure. So I think the focus didn't change for any inning.

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