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09/13/10 6:44 PM ET

Greenberg discusses future of Rangers in chat

Administrator: Web chat will begin in 20 minutes. Lots of great questions thus far, but keep them coming.

Chuck Greenberg: Happy Monday to everyone. What a great way to spend a weekend! I'm ready for your questions.

okgirl67: What is going to happen with the Oklahoma Redhawk players?

Greenberg: All players in our Minor League system are under contract with us, rather than with the Minor League affiliate. So when there is an affiliation change, they remain in our system. Therefore, a change in our affiliates does not mean a change in our Minor League prospects, it merely changes the franchise to which they are assigned.

caddell15: What are the plans for the Rangers' Triple-A affiliates in the coming years? Will we see any new cities involved?

Greenberg: Stay tuned for an announcement later this week.

rangerfandave: I know a lot of Rangers fans would love to see the team settle on one uniform color -- either red or blue. Do you see this happening by next season?

Greenberg: Major League Baseball requires clubs to give notice by May of each year of any uniform or logo changes being contemplated for the following year. The Rangers did not notify Major League Baseball of any changes back in May for 2011, so there will be no changes next year. But, we are beginning a thorough project to better understand our brand, including how our fans perceive the franchise, what their preferences are, what they want to see, and what look fits us. When that project is completed, we will make some long-term decisions about the look and design of our uniforms, among other things, but the earliest you would see any changes would be in 2012.

rangerfandave: Other than the video board, what major changes do you see happening to the ballpark as early as next season?

Greenberg: We are looking at some very exciting, cutting edge technology that could provide our fans with new ways to enjoy and customize their experience. We saw a presentation last week where you could point your mobile phone at a player and be able to call up exclusive video and advanced stats on that player. We also want to get rid of all of the museum pieces masquerading as televisions and replace them with HD flat panels. We are also looking at ways to bring the food experience into the seating bowl more effectively, so that fans can enjoy the sights, sounds and smells without having to lose sight of the game in progress. Lots of exciting stuff.

Felipe81: Does the ownership have any plans to restore the great "Rangers" uniforms at home? I miss the traditional look of the nicknames at home, and location on the road. Save the "Texas" jerseys for people who don't know where the Rangers are from!

Greenberg: Like I said before, we are reviewing our uniforms and our whole look with an open mind. You certainly are not alone in your opinion.

rangerfandave: How does it feel to work with a legend like Nolan Ryan?

Greenberg: However great you imagine Nolan to be, he is even better. I cannot say enough about him as a leader, role model, and a stabilizing force. Plus, he has an awesome sense of humor. We each have our own personality, but share the same values of taking care of people, doing the very best we can for our fans, and always trying to do things the right way for the right reasons. It's truly an honor to be his partner and colleague.

rangerfandave: I want to say how great it is to have you, Nolan, and the rest of your group as our owners. I think that your group is the best thing that has ever happened to this team, and I look forward to many years to come.

Greenberg: Thanks! We have a wonderful group of partners that share our vision and our passion to take care of Rangers fans everywhere, and to compete year in and year out for a championship. We understand how long Rangers fans have been waiting to realize all of their hopes and dreams and we won't rest until we deliver for you. Then we will get back to work to do it again.

actalan1: Is it definite that there will be a new scoreboard next year? I saw the one that Kansas City had in their ballpark and it was awesome. Is that something that is a priority?

Greenberg: Installing the new video board (hint, hint: there may be more than one) and upgrading the technology in the park is a major priority. We are doing the best we can to complete it for next year, but we are having to try to complete six months of work in six weeks. We wanted to make sure when we do it, we do it right. I'm hopeful.

num1texfan: Do you have a good relationship with the Rangers in the offseason? Like, do you chat with Michael Young or Ian Kinsler?

Greenberg: I met Michael, Ian, and a bunch of the guys back in January after we first signed a purchase agreement to buy the ballclub. They were great and we formed a really good relationship quickly. Throughout the clubhouse, our guys were extremely supportive for the long and difficult summer while we were trying to complete the purchase. Nolan and I are extremely appreciative of the confidence they had in us. It will be nice for all us of to continue to build our relationship together without the hassles and distractions we were dealing with last offseason.

rangerfandave: Can you give the fan suggestion e-mail address and explain how the process works of getting those suggestions screened and to your desk? Do you see many of those suggestions?

Greenberg: You can reach our Fan Ambassador, Katie Crawford, at fanfeedback1@texasrangers.com. Katie and I meet regularly to review the suggestions she receives and that I receive via e-mail, telephone calls, Facebook, etc. One way or the other, I see or hear every suggestion. We have already implemented a number of them. We are compiling the rest and are looking forward to digging into them once we reach the offseason, which hopefully is in November!

salbrown: What kinds of emotions were you experiencing during the auction process? Seemed pretty stressful.

Greenberg: There were a lot of ups and downs, many moments of hope followed by disappointment, but our belief in the Rangers and in our fans never wavered and we were prepared to endure anything and everything to prevail ... a lot like the game on Friday night!

joshuarw: So now that you are a local Dallas/Fort Worth person, are you going to go to the local NBA games?

Greenberg: I went to a number of Mavs games last year and enjoyed it. I am planning to go to more this year. I was undefeated last year, by the way, so maybe I can get a deal on tickets.

ajbrandt: Already threw my question into the hat, but just wanted to tell you thank you for doing this and being so open and available to the fans. You are absolutely right -- these are our Rangers.

Greenberg: It's my pleasure. I really enjoy meeting everyone and trying to be in touch with as many people as possible through any available medium. I would like to do these chats regularly and hold town hall meetings throughout the year. Plus, look around at the ballgame one night and I might be sitting next to you. Having a chance to sit in different places in the ballpark is a great way to get a better understanding of the fan experience from different vantage points, and to hear all kinds of opinions on how we can make your experience better. That's why we are here, because these really are your Rangers.

Greenberg: Thanks everybody for your questions. We will do it again real soon, and hope to see you at the ballpark Tuesday, Wednesday, and all the way through the home stretch and beyond. Thanks!

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