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08/11/10 5:50 PM ET

Borbon chats with Rangers fans

tboorstein: Which Minor League city was your favorite? Spokane, Baksersfield, Oklahoma City or Frisco?

Julio Borbon: Frisco was my favorite because it was a nice field and they have nice facilities. Love the pool in right field and the surroundings is a nice area. Was impressed with the Frisco area.

tboorstein: Have you ever gotten confused about which uniform you are supposed to wear? Put on red socks instead of blue socks, for example?

Borbon: Yes... last year in Oakland, we were wearing blue tops and I wasn't playing that day and I came out with the all gray uni on. Lucky I had a fleece over it but only two teammates picked up on it. Hank Blalock said rookies weren't allowed to wear fleece during the game... and I realized that I was the only one wearing gray. All my teammates were laughing. I had to run back in and switch jerseys. Luckily I wasn't playing that day!

bstew5348: What has been your favorite moment in your career so far?

Borbon: My first hit against the Angels last year -- single up the middle and barely making it into second off a throw from Torii Hunter to the cut off man.

collinb14: What do you do to break up the monotony of being part of a Major League ball club?

Borbon: To me there's not any monotony of playing in the Majors. Every day brings its own and brings something different... new teammate, new clubhouse, the playoff race. Baseball is such an interesting sport that to me it doesn't bring any monotony.

gumbyy: Julio, who was your favorite baseball team growing up and who did you look up to?

Borbon: Seattle Mariners because I was more of a Ken Griffey Jr. fan , so the Mariners because he was on the team. I wore all kinds of Mariners gear. tboorstein: Which city has better weather? Arlington, Texas, or Starkville, Miss.?

Borbon: To be honest, last time I was in Starkville was my sophomore year in college and the weather is pretty good. Nowhere near as hot as it is here, but I don't mind this weather because I was raised in the Dominican Republic and it's perfect weather for baseball. Love it.

gumbyy: Hi Julio, have you ever ran a 40-yard dash? If so, what's your time?

Borbon: Yes, I did. My best time was a 4.28 and that was my first offseason -- fall 2007.

santi13: What are your hopes for you and the Rangers this season?

Borbon: To win a World Series in my first full season in the big leagues would be a dream come true.

tboorstein: When a teammate is stranded to end an inning, how do you decide who brings him his hat and glove?

Borbon: First, you have to see if it's an infielder or outfielder out there, then it will depend on if it's on my way to center field. But at times, I've gone out of my way to give Michael [Young] and Elvis [Andrus] their hat and glove... but mostly it is outfielders that I take care of.

txranger13: What is the biggest transition from Triple-A to the big leagues?

Borbon: The consistency that the players bring to the game every day -- that's what separates Triple-A from the big leagues. Pitchers are more consistent, they hit their spots, and hitters hardly ever miss pitchers' mistakes.

jman9670: What is your favorite thing about this Rangers team?

Borbon: The team chemistry is by far the best I've seen since I've been around baseball. How we all get along and hold each other accountable is something I've noticed that has kept us focused throughout the season.

flip84: What's your favorite city to visit on the road?

Borbon: Seattle. Love the city, the stadium.

jzullo: What is an interesting unknown fact about you that you'd like added to your Wikipedia page?

Borbon: I don't check it so I don't know.

gumbyy: Everyone knows you have speed and you are a good hitter, but where did the power come from? Have you always hit bombs?

Borbon: Just from driving the ball -- not actually hitting bombs. The way my swing is, balls come off with good backspin, so they are able to carry enough to leave the park.

santi13: What's your most embarrassing moment in your career so far?

Borbon: Last September during rookie initation -- I had to wear a short skirt with rabbit ears in San Francisco and walk five blocks to the hotel. Very, very embarrassing!

jzullo: Do you think the top stopped spinning at the end of "Inception"?

Borbon: Thanks. I'm going to go watch it tomorrow. Hope you didn't spoil anything!

collinb14: When there is a ball hit in the gap, how do outfielders communicate who is going to catch it? Isn't the crowd too loud for the players to just call for it?

Borbon: For me, playing center, it's just a tiny bit easier since I'm in control out there and any ball I call is mine. They have to get out of the way. So for me, all I worry about is from the second the ball is hit, if I know I can get it, I start calling it the second I know, all the way until I catch it. But it is tough having two linebackers playing the outfield next to me.

collinb14: What was the first thing that you did when you were told you were getting called up to the big leagues?

Borbon: I got up and started jumping. I was out eating with my mom and my sister and some friends and I told them by yelling it from excitement. Good times!

mwoodvols: What's the biggest adjustment you've made as a Major League player? Personally, professionally?

Borbon: Finding a consistency in my work every day I come to the ballpark. Personally -- finding time to get away from baseball when I'm off the field and spend time with my loved ones.

Petenoodles: Will we see you stealing more bases? I love to see you guys and your speed making things happen.

Borbon: Definitely. There is more to come. Just have to pick the right time and, before anything, get on first. You can't steal first!

holiestcow: How many people call you Pedro when they first meet you?

Borbon: Soooooo many. But I guess since the last generation of Borbon's to play in the big leagues, it's kind of understandable. But those days/years when they played are loonnnnggg gone. So Borbon -- JULIO from here on.

collinb14: What has been your favorite thing from this season? Starting on Opening Day, the acquisition of Cliff Lee, the great success the team has had, or something else?

Borbon: Opening Day was special, the success we're having as a team is even more special.

FrogFan346: What is your favorite memory of your time playing college baseball at Tennessee?

Borbon: Every second of my time playing at Tennessee was amazing, but that 2005 team that went all the way to the World Series was pretty unique. I wish I could go back.

santi13: What was the best play you have made in your career?

Borbon: Last year in Triple-A before I was called up, I robbed Gabby Sanchez (current first baseman for the Marlins) of a home run.

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