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06/23/10 4:58 PM ET

Colby Lewis chats with Rangers fans

Rangers starter Colby Lewis participated in a live Web chat with fans on Wednesday and fielded questions on the Rangers' team chemistry, playing baseball in Japan and more.

Moderator The chat will begin in about 15 minutes. Waiting on Colby to head to the video room where we host the web chats...

zls24: Colby, have you been watching the World Cup at all?

Colby Lewis Just a little bit.

Rangers2732: What was your favorite team growing up and who was your favorite player?

Colby Lewis The Dodgers.

Kazuhiro: What was it like playing in Japan? How do the fans differ over there?

Colby Lewis I liked to travel over there and the fans were more involved in the game.

Kazuhiro: When you were in Japan, did you drive on the left side of the road? How weird was that?

Colby Lewis No, I didn't have a car. Even riding in a taxi it was hard to get used to.

sidcollier: How do you prepare for those National League guys? Scouting reports or do you just serve a big helping of "Colby Cheese"?

Colby Lewis I enjoy playing the NL side. It keeps me involved in the game like in Japan.

kimosauce: What type of diet did you follow in Japan? Were you generally eating foods with which you were familiar, or did you have to adjust to the drastically different Japanese cuisine?

Colby Lewis My diet was pretty much what it is here. We had websites where we could order American food.

sam55: Who does the most ribbing in the dugout?

Colby Lewis We all do our fair share.

cesc91: Do the Rangers do kangaroo court? What offense would you be most likely to be guilty of?

Colby Lewis We do have kangaroo court, but its only at the end of the year.

rangfan80: Colby, how are you such a stud hitter? Has Wash ever thought about pinch hitting you?

Colby Lewis You always enjoyed hitting. I hit in high school and was pretty good. It's just fun and had two years in Japan hitting and it helped alot.

jeffbo: How did it feel to share the AL Player of the Week award with Hamilton?

Colby Lewis It was an honor to receive the award and to share it with someone, it's best to share it with your teammate.

steve_rangers23: Hey Colby, how is it to be pitching again for the Rangers?

Colby Lewis It was one of the main reasons for coming back. I enjoy the stadium and the town.

JR: With triple digit temperatures, what kind of preparation goes on to ensure you are able to endure your starts?

Colby Lewis You drink alot of water. Make sure your body is well-hydrated.

steve_rangers23: You have done a superb job so far this year...Is there any chance that we can get Cliff Lee or Roy Oswalt

Colby Lewis You probably know as much as I do. I've just heard rumors.

chuck5808: What was going through your head as you faced down that last bater on Saturday?

Colby Lewis Keep your guard up, finish it off.

thespankyman: What is your favorite before-game meal?

Colby Lewis Any sort of pasta... high carb diet. usually pancakes or french toast in the morning.

txranger93: Did you take your family to Japan with you? Or did they attend any games while you were there?

Colby Lewis My family was in japan with me the whole time and they attended alot of games.

steve_rangers23: What time do y'all arrive at the ballpark every day?

Colby Lewis I arrive about an hour to 1 hour and 15 before stretch time.

thespankyman: With a name like Colby, what is your favorite cheese?

Colby Lewis Pepper jack

jennyftz: Congrats on you guys' winning streak. What has been the key to your success the past few weeks?

Colby Lewis Pitching, defense, and hitting. Everything is coming together and everyone is playing well.

rangfan80: What was your favorite beer in Japan?

Colby Lewis Ashahi Super Dry

Colby Lewis Keep sending the questions...

steve_rangers23: So what is a full day like for you?

Colby Lewis Conditioning, throwing, stretching, and watching the game.

steve_rangers23: Do you ever play golf on the off days?

Colby Lewis No, I don't play during the year, but I try to play once every weekend during the offseason.

Jarryd: Did any of the players in Japan ever talk about wanting to play in America?

Colby Lewis A lot of players talked about wanting to come over and play in the states.

deanof250: Do you try to hit home runs in batting practice or just work on the fundamentals?

Colby Lewis In batting practice, they really want us to work on fundamentals.

steve_rangers23: When do you pitch again, 'cause I am ready to come to another game.

Colby Lewis Friday night.

rgrfan34: Who is your closest friend on the team?

Colby Lewis Everyone is good... we have a very closeknit team.

deanof250: Do you ever listen to sports talk radio?

Colby Lewis Nope.

stevez: What do you suggest for kids trying to make it in the Majors? Especially pitchers like you?

Colby Lewis Have fun with the game... don't take it too seriously, especially when you're young.

deanof250: What Ranger spends the most on their cars?

Colby Lewis C.J. Wilson

rangfan80: How much does Nolan get on the field and help out?

Colby Lewis Not very often but he's accessible. He's around the ballpark if ever need to talk to him.

JMO93: Hey Colby, big fan. I was at the Astros game on Saturday -- how did you feel when you were mowing down them?

Colby Lewis Just wanted to continue to get quick outs and continue to help my team.

txranger93: It seems like every Japanese game I've seen on TV in Japan is a dome. Is a majority of them domes?

Colby Lewis Yes, the majority in domes. I was at a new stadium that was outdoors.

royb12: Do you do any throwing the day after a start?

Colby Lewis Yes, long toss after.

enigma424: You uncork a fastball and it accidentally hits a dude in the ribs. He charges. What goes through your head at that point?

Colby Lewis Protect yourself and get some shots in while you can.

alm81: What is your favorite away ballpark to play at?

Colby Lewis Safeco field, Seattle

bvarley: I've heard that there were several teams interested in you in the off season and offered you deals. What made you choose the Rangers?

Colby Lewis The familitary of being here from the last time of being with the Rangers.

Rangers2732: Growing up, what was your favorite team and your favorite player?

Colby Lewis Favorite team was the Dodgers, but my favorite player was Will Clark.

sjm78: Did you play any other sports growing up?

Colby Lewis Nope. Backyard football was about it.

thespankyman: Which uniform color is your favorite?

Colby Lewis All-white at home and all-gray on the road.

rowdyfan01: I have always stated that the Rangers have a good team chemistry. Would you agree?

Colby Lewis Yes, we have very good team chemistry.

kidbro: Do you feel that the rangers have a legitimate chance to win a world series this year or in the near future?

Colby Lewis Absolutely.

jeff3387: what kinda car do you have? and CJ?

Colby Lewis C.J. bought a new Porsche and my favorite is my '63 Chevy 2

thespankyman: What are your hobbies and favorite tv show?

Colby Lewis Hobbies are working on hot rod cars... favorite tv show would have to be Overhauling.

royb12: What is the biggest difference between Japanese baseball and here in the states?

Colby Lewis They play smaller baseball. They bunt a lot more.

rangfan80: Is it hard to be out in public with people bothering you?

Colby Lewis No, no one ever bothers me.

chuck5808: Do you have any certain rituals you have the day you have a start?

Colby Lewis I prefer to eat french toast in the morning.

alm81_2: Who is the most daunting batter that you've faced this season so far? And ever?

Colby Lewis Jim Thome is always hard for me to get out.

Jarryd: A fan jumps on to the field and starts running to you. What do you do?

Colby Lewis Try to dodge them

thespankyman: Can you hear people yell your name and encouragement while you are on the mound?

Colby Lewis Not usually. depends on the size of the crowd.

hookem316: Do you listen to any particular song before a game and if so what is it?

Colby Lewis No. No certain band or music that I listen to.

royb12: Other than baseball what's your favorite sport and team?

Colby Lewis Car racing. NASCAR. Team: Kevin Harvick from bakersfield

deanof250: Who controls the music in the clubhouse?

Colby Lewis Whoever wants to play it. It doesn't really matter.

royb12: What is your favorite type of music/band?

Colby Lewis Metallica

texaslover: Saw the show "In your own words." Do you still listen and take your brother's advice?

Colby Lewis I talk to him every day... earlier today actually. Not sure about the advice...

txranger93: How do y'all determine what jersey yall wear?

Colby Lewis Starting pitcher determines it that day.

steve_rangers23: Do you take your family out to eat or shopping often?

Colby Lewis All the time. We do something every day.

rangfan80: What is the fastest you have ever thrown?

Colby Lewis 98 that I can think of.

Jarryd: Where did you grow up at? Did you live in multiple places as a kid?

Colby Lewis Bakersfield, California.

ekhatch99: A Bakersfield guy here -- congrats on your recent success. What do you attribute your recent success to versus your struggles earlier in your career?

Colby Lewis Age, learning your body. What it takes to be successful.

danielcamp: Favorite album by Metallica?

Colby Lewis All of them... with Metallica, there isn't a bad song.

Moderator Thanks for all the questions today. Colby is going to get ready for the game. If you haven't done so already, register for the Rangers Inside Pitch and find out who our next chatter will be before it's posted online. Register at texasrangers.com. Until next month, GO RANGERS!

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