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05/20/10 4:30 PM ET

Smoak chats with Rangers fans

coreyp32: Describe the feeling last night as you stood on first base in a big league ballpark (as a Ranger) with your high school teammate, Matt Wieters.

Justin Smoak: It's a great feeling and a dream come true for both of us to be on a big league field at the same time. It was a great night.

ngiesler33: Justin, who was your favorite teammate while you were at University of South Carolina?

Smoak: All of my teammates were my favorite, but since I know who's writing this question ... Neil Giesler.

grandsaline: Hi Justin, my son is seven years old and wants to play baseball. I'm encouraging him to bat both from the left and from the right side of the plate. Do you think that it's okay to teach him that at such a young age?

Smoak: Yes, that's about how old I was when I started. It just took a lot of practice both ways and a lot of hard work and a lot of time.

SamT: What did you think of your time with Clinton when you played in the Midwest League? Did you like Iowa?

Smoak: I know my time was just a couple of weeks, but being in Clinton off the Mississippi River, I got to go fishing a lot.

Nick33: When an inning ends, some first basemen keep the ball for the next inning's warm-ups and some throw it into the stands and immediately get another one. Some throw it on the field. Which do you do, and why?

Smoak: I like throwing the ball in the stands to give the fans as much fun as we're having on the field.

Bill214: What did it feel like when you hit your first Major League home run?

Smoak: It felt really good to get that monkey off my back and just made me feel more comfortable at the plate.

emueller: What is the biggest difference between the Minor Leagues and Major Leagues?

Smoak: The biggest difference is the players are a lot better all around and you have to come prepared every day to play.

bigtex09: What was your most humbling moment since being called up?

Smoak: Most humbling moment would be noticing the fact that these guys are really good and how hard you have to work to be here.

colvin1987: Do you prefer to hit left-handed or right-handed?

Smoak: It depends on the day. Some days you feel better than the other and the at-bats you get on one side of the plate, you'll feel more comfortable.

colvin1987: Which Ranger are you trying to learn the most from this season?

Smoak: Everyone is helping me out.

Smoak: Sorry we have to cut it short. Gotta go, taking batting practice early today for the game.

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Smoak: Go Rangers!

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