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04/28/10 6:45 PM ET

Chat transcript: Rangers' Nelson Cruz

Texas slugger fields questions from fans in live chat

Nelson Cruz: Hey everyone... we're ready to start.

nate769: Nelly, do you see yourself being a Ranger your entire career? Do you like the DFW metroplex?

Nelson Cruz: Yes, I do. I like the area and it's comfortable and I like the support the fans give us.

nate769: Nelly, when you were first thinking about making the big leagues, what team did you hope to play on?

Nelson Cruz: I just wanted to play in the big leagues when I first started, but the Rangers gave me the opportunity to play here.

eduardo: What was your favorite city to play in during your Minor League career? How did you like Vancouver?

Nelson Cruz: I love Vancouver. It's one of my favorite towns.

antonio: Who's your best friend on the team? When players go out to eat, how large is the typical group?

Nelson Cruz: Best friend is Joaquin Arias and Elvis Andrus. We usually go with Vlad now, but it's mostly the Latin guys.

tboorstein: When outfielders gather during pitching changes, what do they talk about?

Nelson Cruz: Usually talk about anything. Nothing in particular. Whatever comes to mind at that moment. sometimes just how you feel at the plate... why you miss a pitch... or about life. anything.

neto08: Hey Nelson - do you think next month everyone like you, Kinsler and Jarrod will be healthy?

Nelson Cruz: Kinsler is on his way and Salty, too. I hope to be back soon to help the team.

afordham: Do you want to do the Home Run Derby again?

Nelson Cruz: I want to be in the derby again. If I have the chance, I want to be there.

jlignori: How are you feeling physically?

Nelson Cruz: I feel much better, but it's day by day... each day I'm feeling better.

Ashura96: How did you get selected to be in a commercial (which is hilarious by the way) for MLB2K10?

Nelson Cruz: MLB asked me to be in it.

m_young: How has Vlad's presence helped you so far this year?

Nelson Cruz: It gives you more confidence. He's so loose and confident at the plate that it really helps you be the same way.

Bickleyhouse: Who is your favorite big league player?

Nelson Cruz: Vlad.

planogirl: How is your hamstring?

Nelson Cruz: It's feeling better.

rdelar03: Nelson, do you see yourself playing again in Dominican Republic?

Nelson Cruz: Yes. I like to play there and I enjoy it. I love the fans there and the whole situation is good with every game you play there.

Bickleyhouse: What ballparks do you like to visit?

Nelson Cruz: I like to play in Seattle at Safeco Field.

paulj54: What's your favorite tv show?

Nelson Cruz: Discovery.

rdelar03: Who named your bat "Boom Stick"? Was that you or MLB 2K10 people?

Nelson Cruz: The people from MLB with the game.

Bickleyhouse: What is your favorite thing to do in the offseason?

Nelson Cruz: Be at home in the Dominican with my family.

paulj54: What is your favorite movie?

Nelson Cruz: Day After Tomorrow.

Bickleyhouse: What other sport do you like besides baseball?

Nelson Cruz: Basketball - I really want the Cavs to win in the playoffs... but I want to see the Mavs advance on in the finals.

paulj54: What is your favorite food?

Nelson Cruz: Any Dominican food.

kinsler84: Do you have any names for your different bats?

Nelson Cruz: No names...

Bickleyhouse: Do you think the Rangers will be in the playoffs this year?

Nelson Cruz: Yes, I think we have a good chance to make it.

Ashura96: Do you know any languages besides English and Spanish?

Nelson Cruz: Nope... no other languages.

planogirl: Where is your favorite place to eat in Arlington?

Nelson Cruz: I like to go to Texas Land and Cattle

planogirl: How did you pick number 17?

Nelson Cruz: I didn't pick it... they gave it to me. My favorite number is 18.

gbert24: Who has the nicest visitor's clubhouse?

Nelson Cruz: Cleveland is the nicest. The chairs are comfortable and they have games you can play.

unfungames: Do you like the high heat or the low hard one?

Nelson Cruz: I like the ones down the middle.

espnfuture: Do you think you'll make the All-Star game this year?

Nelson Cruz: I hope I make it.

gbert24: Do you ever go to six flags?

Nelson Cruz: I go when I have time to go. My favorite ride is the Titan.

Bickleyhouse: What is your favorite thing to do besides play baseball?

Nelson Cruz: I play video games and like to watch TV, also.

rangerrowdy: You have got off to such a hot start to open the season. Do you think this down time will affect this?

Nelson Cruz: I don't know, I won't know until I return, but I should be rested and ready to come back as hot as I was before. It shouldn't make a difference.

gbert24: Do you have roommates on the road? And if so who do you usually room with?

Nelson Cruz: We have our own room.

unfungames: What was your favorite team growing up?

Nelson Cruz: My favorite team was the Expos.

neto08: Do y'all guys play around in the dugout?

Nelson Cruz: Usually all the Latins and Josh, Kinsler when he's here will play around in the dugout.

gbert24: Which stadium do you like to play in the least?

Nelson Cruz: Boston.

m_young: What is one part of your game that you want to improve?

Nelson Cruz: I try to improve everything and have respect for the game.

m_young: This season you are one of the best fantasy players. Do you play fantasy baseball, and if so do you play with the guys on the team?

Nelson Cruz: We don't play any fantasy baseball.

plunkettr: Do you have any kind of "special" routine that you do either the day before or the day of the game to prepare?

Nelson Cruz: I listen to alot of music before the game. Latin music mostly.

Horatio: Do you like being called Nelly?

Nelson Cruz: Yes, I like it. No other nicknames, so I like Nelly.

Nelson Cruz: That's all the questions we have time for today. Thank you for logging into today's web chat. Check texasrangers.com to find out our next player to sit in the hot seat. - Go Rangers!

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