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07/17/09 6:20 PM ET

Vizquel, Andrus chat with Rangers fans

Players share feelings on life, baseball and all in between

Rangers shortstops Omar Vizquel and Elvis Andrus participated in a live Web chat with fans Friday. During the chat, they talked about what they have learned from each other, gave tips to up-and-coming shortstops and more.

Texas Rangers: Hi everyone, we'll note Omar and Elvis by name when answering questions.

bnbnpapi: Omar, what team did you enjoy being on the most?

Omar: Cleveland Indians in 1995.

bnbnpapi: Growing up, was your favorite sport baseball? If yes, then what is your second favorite?

Elvis: Soccer was my favorite sport.
Omar: Favorite sport was boxing.

tazly: How often do you get to see your family during the season? Are they allowed to travel with you?

Elvis: I see my family every month.
Omar: I see mine every two months.

sumguy454: Elvis, whats in like being under 21 and not being able to drink here in the states?

Elvis: It will be over in a couple of weeks, but it's been sometimes bad and sometimes good.

dodgerbuddy: Omar, how do you prepare for the game? By the way, you are by far one of my favorite players of all time.

Omar: I don't prepare anymore ... I like watching the guys going through habits, and I would suggest if something is going make them better. And when I play, I haven't changed my routine for 20 years. I play catch, do six sprints, get a glass of water, sign 13 autographs and go play.

jlopp: Who is your favorite all-time player from Venezuela?

Elvis: Omar
Omar: Davy Concepcion

jcabler24: Omar, where do you keep all your Gold Glove trophies?

Omar: I built a glass case and they are in the garage because there is no room in the house, but they used to be in the play room until my kid added more toys.
Elvis: You should give me one to hang on to!

jcabler24: Do you guys watch the standings, or just go out there and play and not worry about other teams?

Elvis: We don't worry about the other teams. They should be worried about us.

KidFromNewYork: Omar, when you were starting your baseball career, who is the one person who served as a mentor to you?

Omar: Everyone that talked to me, I never had one person specifically. I like to talk to everyone.

elralphy54: Do either of you think the Rangers are pushing for a trade for pitchers such as Roy Halladay or anyone of that caliber?

Omar & Elvis: We're not pushing for a trade, but it would be great if we could have him here.

canyon16: Elvis, do you want to be a Ranger your whole career?

Elvis: Yeah, why not.

tboorstein_2: How does the Texas heat compare to the weather in Caracas?

Omar: Oh my God ... this is one of the hottest places to play ball. And I don't think we have a day in Caracas that is as hot as 105.

tboorstein_2: Omar, when you look at Elvis, do you ever think to yourself, "He reminds me of me when I was a young pup?"

Omar: No, I think we both have different styles, and I don't make some of the plays he makes.

jnewton1: Does Omar enjoy being a mentor to Elvis? Do you think you'll coach when you retire?

Omar: Yes, I will. Or even [be] a manager ... that's the main goal.

thesven55: What is your favorite stadium to play in?

Elvis: Rangers Ballpark.

jtibbs: Elvis, I know the transition to the Majors is tough for a young guy. How do you make it look so easy?

Elvis: I prepare myself during practice so, in the game, everything gets easier.

mlbmls: This is for Elvis: How did you feel this year when you found out you were the next Rangers shortstop? And for Omar, how did you feel when you were coming to the Rangers?

Elvis: It felt really good. I was waiting for the opportunity, and they gave it to me this year. I was really excited and jumping around.
Omar: Every time you come to a new atmosphere, it's exciting because you have to push yourself since you start from zero. You have to make a new impression. It's always good for change when things aren't 100 percent.

tboorstein: How good is your chemistry with second baseman Ian Kinsler? Have you thought about wearing your pants as billowy as he does?

Elvis: Chemistry is good. He's a great guy and easygoing. I won't wear my pants like his!

petrone: Omar: What is the most important piece of advice you can offer to a young shortstop?

Omar: To know how to dance salsa. If you know how to move your feet, you can field a ground ball.

kylevizquel: Omar, is it true that you took ballet lessons to improve your balance as a defensive player?

Omar: No ballet, but it doesn't necessarily have to be ballet, and no tights ... but it would help a lot.

23gonzalez: Hey guys, thanks for doing this chat. I have a quick question. I'm a young baseball player and have trouble with my back shoulder. It always drops, causing me to pop the ball up. Do you have any suggestions on how to help this problem? Thanks!

Omar: Instead of pointing the shoulder to the sky, point your shoulder to where the throw is going and that will keep your shoulders level.

bnbnpapi: If you didn't play shortstop, what position would you play?

Elvis: Center field.
Omar: I don't know ... that's the only fun position I know.

BattleTested: Elvis, what has been the biggest obstacle you have encountered in the big leagues so far?

Elvis: Consistency. That's the one that keeps you in this work for a long time. That's what I'm working hard for.

mlbmls: What is one thing you remember from your very first pro game?

Omar: The national anthem, the first pitch of an elephant and the fireworks on the lines of the first- and third-base sides in Oakland.

ewalito: You travel so much during the season. Do you two like traveling at all in the offseason?

Omar: I do. I'm a traveling freak. I like to travel around the world.
Elvis: I don't like to travel.

Sylvarant: Elvis and Omar: On July 8 vs. the Angels, you two both played in the infield. How was it playing together at the same time?

Elvis: It was pretty good when you play with your idol. It was a memory that won't go away. It made me feel like I was back in high school, where the teachers make space for a young guy to take over.

lhpatrick: How has your relationship changed since Spring Training?

Omar: I can trust him more, and I know his sense of humor and met some of his family and know where he's coming from.

thesven55: What is your favorite moment of your career?

Omar: Game 7 of the World Series.

tazly: Elvis: You are very fortunate to have the greatest shortstop every give you pointers. What have you learned from him?

Elvis: I've basically learned everything -- footwork, the way he prepares himself before the game, the mental part of baseball and trying to do the little things of the game.

Texas Rangers: Thank you for reading our Web chat today! Check back next month for our next web chat.

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