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05/27/09 7:52 PM ET

Ian Kinsler chat transcript

Rangers second baseman fields questions from fans

Rangers second baseman Ian Kinsler chatted online with fans Wednesday afternoon. Kinsler fielded questions on many topics, including his favorite films, clubhouse music and how Texas has improved this season.

itsbr549: You seem to be a natural as a lead-off man. Do you think that hitting in the #1 spot has significantly increased your offensive abilities?

Ian_Kinsler: I enjoy hitting at the top of the order, whether it be one or two.

gotex57: What's it like playing with such a young team?

Ian_Kinsler: Our team is young, but we also have veteran players such as Omar [Vizquel], Eddie [Guardado] and Andruw [Jones] to balance our chemistry out.

asdfgjhjkl: Hi Ian, it is Amber from Switzerland. While we like games that last until the middle of the night, since we get to see them live in the morning here, how hard is it to play a late game like last night and then have to play again the next day?

Ian_Kinsler: It's part of our routine and we get used to it. It's not as difficult as you think.

matty2001: What is your favorite baseball movie? I like Field of Dreams -- I can watch that 100 times. ...

Ian_Kinsler: Sandlot or Major League.

ana_1: What music do you listen to when you are getting set to play?

Ian_Kinsler: We switch every day depending on who's in charge of the radio. We always listen to "Day and Night" by Kid Cudi.

kxtiger05: What was your first baseball experience in life?

Ian_Kinsler: You'll have to ask my dad. ... I don't remember.

buongiorno: How does it feel to be leading AL second basemen in All-Star voting?

Ian_Kinsler: It's special to be leading the fan votes with the great second basemen in the American League this year.

Ian_Kinsler: Our fans have been great this year and it's been a lot of fun playing in front of them.

buckyjo: Ian, great year so far, man. Keep it up. My question is, did you ever play any football or basketball? If so, what positions?

Ian_Kinsler: No football or basketball. Soccer was my second sport.

jakebugg: Whenever you get on base, I notice you talk with the player at that position. What kind of things do you say to opposing players?

Ian_Kinsler: The weather, small chat like the weather or something like that.

kxtiger05: Do you find yourself watching a lot of baseball games in the postseason even if the Rangers aren't playing?

Ian_Kinsler: My first three years, I forced myself to watch the playoffs just to make sure I'm motivated for the next season.

tj6695: Whats been your most exciting moment in baseball?

Ian_Kinsler: Last year's All-Star Game in New York.

jerryst316: Ian, what is the most important aspect of your team's improved defense this year, as opposed to last year?

Ian_Kinsler: [Third-base coach] Dave Anderson has been a great help, along with Omar Vizquel's help, and the pride of [pitching coach] Mike Maddux has made playing defense a lot easier this year.

c5cole5: You are obviously a five-star player. Who are your top 5 players of all time?

Ian_Kinsler: Rickey Henderson, Ty Cobb, Craig Biggio, Carl Yaz. [Yastrzemski] and Hank Aaron.

afrod: It seems that every player on the team this year has a very "down-to-earth" attitude. Do you think the lack of ego helps the team play better together?

Ian_Kinsler: Yes.

henderson8: With the recent quality pitching and emphasis on defense, how far do you believe the Rangers can go this year?

Ian_Kinsler: As far as those two aspects will take the team.

sug5: Hey Ian, what's your favorite movie?

Ian_Kinsler: Boondock Saints.

ranger532: When teams like the Yankees or Red Sox are in town and we have so many of their fans in our own ballpark, do you recognize the chanting battles going on between their fans and ours?

Ian_Kinsler: Yes, we realize it's going on and it adds to the excitement of the game.

Ian_Kinsler: It's fun to play against the traveling circus.

tsmith17: When you're up to bat, you kinda turn towards third base and back to the mound before the pitch, like a flinch ... what's the deal with that?

Ian_Kinsler: It's to make sure both of my eyes are on the pitcher. I had a problem with hiding my right eye when I was younger.

micvelli: Who is your favorite player to watch on your own team?

Ian_Kinsler: Michael Young.

bdoss11: What is your favorite place to play away from home?

Ian_Kinsler: Wherever we win.

bbcardus: You and [shortstop] Elvis [Andrus] seem to be clicking; how much extra work have you two put in?

Ian_Kinsler: Not much extra time. We had time in Spring Training to work out the kinks and we just have good chemistry.

HelloWinColumn: I read recently in Sporting News that you enjoy Lil Wayne, Kanye, Kid Cudi, Entourage, Will Ferrell Movies, Fajitas and Meg Fox. These are all favorites of mine, what else are you interested in?

Ian_Kinsler: Water and trees.

chuy020: What position did you play in soccer?

Ian_Kinsler: Center midfield.

Ian_Kinsler: Who is the biggest clown in the locker room???

Ian_Kinsler: We're all clowns, but Eddie is the biggest.

btillery: What runs through your mind in the batter's box?

Ian_Kinsler: McDonald's Big Macs.

sug5: What do you do during your spare time in the clubhouse?

Ian_Kinsler: Hang out with beats.

soonerou: How much has bringing in Vizquel helped with Elvis Andrus' development?

Ian_Kinsler: Vizquel has helped everyone in the infield. We all bounce ideas off each other. I learn stuff from Elvis, Elvis learns from me. And the same goes with Mike and Chris [Davis].

thepickens: So it's looking like you are the leading point-getter for second base for the AL All-Star team, do you think you can make it again this year?

Ian_Kinsler: I hope I can make it. The All-Star game is always a lot of fun. I'm sure a lot of my teammates will be going.

enigma424: If you see the batter charging one of your pitchers, whats the first thing that goes through your mind?

Ian_Kinsler: Oh ######!

Ian_Kinsler: Thanks for asking questions today. Gotta get ready for the game.

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