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04/29/09 6:02 PM ET

Michael Young chat transcript

Rangers infielder answers online questions from fans

Rangers third baseman Michael Young chatted online with fans Wednesday afternoon. Young fielded questions on many topics, including the Rangers' chances to make the playoffs, his favorite food, favorite ballparks, his swing, playing third base and much more.

thesven55: Do you want to be a Ranger your whole career?

Michael Young: Definitely.

thesven55: What is the best moment of your career?

Young: My first big league home run in Dodger Stadium.

thesven55: Can the Rangers make the playoffs this year?

Young: Absolutely, just need to keep everyone healthy and stay consistent.

m_young: Did you change your swing to hit with more power?

Young: No, I just want to hit the ball as hard as I possibly can every time I hit.

rangersjlp: 4:32 p.m. What are the most popular songs that y'all are playing in the clubhouse?

Young: Anything from Lil Wayne to Michael Jackson to the wild song that Frankie [Francisco] comes out to in the ninth inning.

rangersjlp: What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

Young: Hanging with my family as much as I possibly can, and if I can squeeze in some time -- a round of golf.

rangersjlp: What do you think about knuckleballs?

Young: They don't spin.

rangersjlp: What is your favorite place to eat (not including home)?

Young: Shinsei in Dallas.

jwilleford: Mike, one question and one comment... First, thank you for remaining a Ranger, you could have went elsewhere, but we are all glad you stayed. Question: Who on the team, including yourself, has the most unusual superstition? Thanks.

Young: Have you seen Eddie Guardado when he gets close to the mound when he comes in from the bullpen? Enough said.

rangersjlp: What is your favorite meal?

Young: Anything Mexican.

rangersjlp: Which Texas Ranger has the best knuckleball?

Young: Me.

nate769: Mr. Clutch, thank you for being so constant in my fantasy team. How are you feeling?

Young: Fantastic, yourself?

ary637: Do you enjoy large orange sodas, with ice?

Young: Not nearly as much as two regular burritos and an enchilada plate from Carmen's.

matt406: What is a normal day like for you? What time do you wake up, go to the ballpark, etc.

Young: Normal day is waking up about nine hours after I fall asleep. Taking my son to school. Coming home to have breakfast and coffee with my wife. Lunch at the house and leave for the park around 2:30.

matt406: If you have a game at 7 p.m., do you prefer to eat dinner before or after the game? If before the game, do you usually eat a light meal?

Young: Light meal before the game, and a massive meal after the game.

sug5: Hey Michael! How often do you go see movies? Thanks!

Young: As often as I can, I'm a movie freak.

sug5: What is your favorite movie?

Young: Goodfellas.

sug5: Do you like seeing movies at home, or in the theater?

Young: Either.

matt406: Do you hang out with any players (either with the Rangers or other teams) on a regular basis, or do you prefer to spend time your family/friends?

Young: I love hanging out with all my teammates; non-Rangers include Vernon Wells and Mark DeRosa.

d_foster2006: How did it feel hitting your first walk-off home run in the Majors?

Young: Great. Having your teammates waiting for you at home plate is a pretty sweet feeling.

nate769: Michael, I noticed that you went off on Toronto, is that because you were more motivated against the team you played for?

Young: No, it was a long time ago, and I'm sure everyone has moved on.

d_foster2006: What made you choose the number 10 to wear?

Young: Because Carl Everett stole number 2 from me.

ecurtis8: Michael, what is going through your mind when you know that you have to execute a hit-and-run?

Young: Make contact, hopefully on the ground and to the right side.

drewby86: What was it like knocking in the game-winning hit in the longest All-Star game ever?

Young: Just glad it was over. I wanted to come home.

boflex: The AL West is backwards from this time last season. Does that surprise you?

Young: No, it doesn't surprise me. There are a lot of talented teams, and we feel this division is up for grabs.

rangersjlp: Which ballpark is your least favorite?

Young: They are all my favorite. This is the Major Leagues, and I try to make sure I remind myself how fortunate I am to be here.

nate769: You have impacted my fantasy team greatly this year being able to use you as a SS/3B, and your numbers definitely help. How is your finger? Are you feeling great? Your numbers show that you're fantastic -- keep it up!

Young: My fingers are fine. Bones and ligaments have healed, and I'm excited about staying healthy for the entire season.

ttamzednem: How many years did you start on your high school's varsity baseball team?

Young: Two.

nate769: Can you describe what y'all said to [Ian] Kinsler after the historic game he had? (That I was at, which made two cycles I have seen at the ballpark.)

Young: We congratulated him and told him how happy we were for him. He's a great player, and this is just one of many incredible things he will do in his career.

shnake33: What is your favorite ballpark to play in on the road?

Young: Fenway Park.

doublepla: Hello, Michael Young. Can you give me some pointers for third base? I play select baseball, and I play third base.

Young: How about you give me some pointers at third base! Maybe I'll grab Omar Vizquel over here and give both of us some pointers.

brayden11: Besides baseball, did you play other sports?

Young: Football, basketball and soccer.

rangersjlp: what is your favorite color?

Young: Blue.

rayne09_2: Hi, Mike. ... When you hit the ball in Toronto that tied the game in the ninth, and the ball you hit in Baltimore, did you know they were gone as soon as you hit them?

Young: Yes, I did.

slanni88: Mr. Young, how do you feel about the season now that April is almost over?

Young: Optimistic, looking forward to getting contributions from our entire roster.

slippy24: Have you been able to watch the MLB Network yet?

Young: Yes, all the time.

izturis22: What city is your favorite to visit on the road?

Young: New York, Boston and Chicago.

1rangers09: How do you think [Elvis] Andrus has done so far?

Young: He's been great.

Young: He's a good kid, and he works hard.

trrox82: What has been the most challenging transition from SS to 3B, and do you like the switch?

Young: Most challenging part is the different angles that I get on ground balls, and the different angles I have when I throw to other bases.

rangersjlp: Do you think hitting Major League pitching is the hardest task in all professional sports?

Young: It's a three-way tie between hitting big league pitching, draining a big putt in the Masters and standing in the pocket with Ray Lewis about to rip your head off.

mlbtimmy8: Mr. Young, what was your reaction to when you hit the game winning hit in the 2006 All-Star Game?

Young: Excited.

Young: And happy I was able to play such a big part of a game every kid wants to be in.

jace313: Do you like to hunt, fish, both? If so, what's your best trophy?

Young: I'm from California, sorry, man.

cdb6698: Just want to say thank you for playing the game the right way, being a role model to the kids, always taking the time with fans and for your and your wife's service in the community.

Young: Thank you. I'll let her know.

BaltiGirl: How are you liking it playing at third base?

Young: So far, so good. Every game I'm getting a little better.

rangersjlp: Would you say that you swing down at the ball?

Young: No. Most line-drive hitters have a slight uppercut.

cdb6698: What was the "scrum" like last Sunday after your walk-off home run??

Young: I got a few bruises to show for it.

rangersjlp: How much can you bench press?

Young: Hank, is this you?

Young: 315 lbs.

mlbtimmy8: What was your favorite baseball team when you where growing up?

Young: New York Mets.

vegastexx: How difficult is it to not get frustrated when the pitchers struggle? Especially the walks?

Young: I love our pitchers, and I support them every game.

rangersjlp: Which Ranger is the best dancer?

Young: Marlon Byrd and Chris Davis.

rayne09_2: Is there any certain pitcher in the league you don't like to face?

Young: A few, but wouldn't dare drop their name publicly.

shnake33: Do you like the red uniforms or blue uniforms better?

Young: I like them both.

slanni88: What do you know about the Rangers picking up Ben Sheets once he's healthy?

Young: Not sure if I'm allowed to talk about this, but I'm a huge fan of Ben Sheets.

m_young_2: What do you think about right before you get up to bat?

Young: My plan for that at-bat.

longhornsr: Who do you think will end up leading the Rangers in home runs this year? Will you have more than Kinsler?

Young: Josh [Hamilton] or Nelson [Cruz].

cdb6698: Is Josh Hamilton feeling better today??

Young: I hope so.

buechelle: Do you ever talk to Steve Nash about your lives as Gauchos??

Young: Steve Nash went to Santa Clara, sorry.

Young: Quick question from behind the scenes. You and other infielders seem to take Fielders Feud at the foundation Triple Play event seriously. I heard this year will be a battle of the sexes between players and their wives. Any thoughts about who will come out victorious?

Young: Although our wives are much smarter than we are, they don't stand a chance.

ironman24: Do you enjoy the Triple Play game show thing?

Young: I love it, and so do the rest of the guys.

Young: Thanks, everybody. Gotta go to batting practice, now.

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