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09/01/08 8:17 PM ET

Washington relieved about Gustav

Rangers manager lost many possessions during Katrina

ARLINGTON -- The worst of Hurricane Gustav seems to have missed New Orleans, much to the relief of manager Ron Washington, a native and resident of New Orleans.

Three years ago when Hurricane Katrina hit the Big Easy three years ago, Washington's home in the Ninth Ward was flooded with seven feet of water, and many of his and wife Gerry's belongings were lost or ruined.

Washington, who still has his house in the Ninth Ward, didn't anticipate similar devastation Monday afternoon.

"Everything's good," Washington said. "Just a normal hurricane -- just a regular one. Some water will come over, so there will be some flooding. Some houses will be missing some shingles. But there won't be any seven feet of water in my house. I wouldn't be surprised if my fence were blown over, but not much else other than that."

Hurricane Gustav hit the hardest west of New Orleans, but most of the media coverage of Gustav focused on the safety of New Orleans, which had its levee system fail during Hurricane Katrina.

An estimated two million people have evacuated southern areas of Louisiana as Hurricane Gustav approached the coast. However, if not for those levee failings three years ago, Washington said Hurricane Gustav wouldn't be causing as much panic in the media.

"There's been some people sensationalizing this hurricane," Washington said. "I've been through hurricanes my whole life. Nobody would have been talking about Katrina if the levees hadn't broke. I don't think they'll break this time."

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