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04/20/2011 8:10 PM ET
Stadium Sound provides enhanced listening experience at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington
System debuts during this week's series with the Angels
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Arlington, TX -- The Texas Rangers have completed the upgrade of its in-park audio system at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington with the introduction of Stadium Sound. The installation was completed during the club's recent roadtrip and is being utilized for the first time during the Rangers' series with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Stadium Sound, which has been developed by Paul Gilman of Los Angeles-based Gilmansound, provides enhanced sound technology for large stadiums, arenas, and other venues, both indoor and outdoor.

The revolutionary system encompasses a patented technology that has been installed via a device in the scoreboard control room of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, resulting in a dramatically improved sound that emanates from the park's speaker system. This improved sound is designed to completely transform the live venue experience for fans.

"We completed installation of a new audio system prior to Opening Day, but knew we would not be able to have Paul implement his technology until after that," commented Rangers Executive Vice President of Ballpark and Event Operations Rob Matwick. "While the system upgrade made our sound better to start the year, Paul's concept has taken our audio to a level we did not believe was possible over a ballpark system. We're very excited about not only delivering the best audio experience in baseball for Rangers fans, but also to be the first Major League park to utilize the Stadium Sound software program. The beauty of the technology is that it can enhance what a park already has in place."

The technology also has the ability to enhance any live streaming broadcast of an event as well. This patented method repurposes the existing speaker system and optimizes the sound delivery system.

Stadium Sound not only enhances the audio but it also pinpoints problems in the existing speaker installation.

"In music production, a mastering lab is used after a studio finishes recording to prepare it for pressing to CD quality standard. As is a mastering lab for music, Stadium Sound is raising the bar creating a higher 'standard' for all stadiums," said Gilman, who has extensive experience in the recording business and is noted as a pioneer in helping to create Musical Interface Digital Information (MIDI). "Stadium Sound technology will revolutionize the live venue experience for Texas Rangers fans."

Gilman has developed patented technology to improve the delivery of sound in mobile devices. He has other IP's that elevate the audio delivery system of large venues creating a more pleasing and musical environment for the fans than ever before. An award-winning composer, Gilman has written dozens of scores for both television and feature films and has produced recordings for such internationally renowned talents as John Phillips (with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards & Mick Taylor), Leon Russell and the Temptations.

Stadium Sound has previously been tested at Cowboys Stadium for last Thanksgiving's Dallas Cowboys halftime show featuring Country legend Keith Urban.

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