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12/17/2003  8:30 PM ET 
Statement from Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks

Arlington, Tx. -- The following is a statement from Texas Rangers owner Tom Hicks issued this evening regarding the Major League Baseball Players Association rejecting the agreement between the Boston Red Sox and Alex Rodriguez.

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"This afternoon's news of the Major League Players Association rejecting Boston's agreement with Alex is an unfortunate matter between Alex and the Players Association.

"Throughout all of these negotiations, we have always said the Rangers would be thrilled to have Alex back as our shortstop and team leader. We have also made it clear any trade involving him would have to make our team better, faster.

"The Rangers and the Red Sox have agreed to the players involved in this potential transaction and were working toward agreement on the financial considerations. Given the impending deadline imposed by the Office of the Commissioner, the actions of the Players Association may unfortunately determine this issue."

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