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03/26/2003 10:40 AM ET 
Rangers Captain introduced as official mascot

Rangers Captain was designed in the fashion of a Palomino style horse. (Texas Rangers)
Rangers Captain, the new mascot of the Texas Rangers, was introduced today at a special event at The Ballpark in Arlington.

The team's mascot made its debut in a home plate ceremony where it was sworn in as an official Texas Ranger by the Mayor of Arlington, Elzie Odom.

Rangers Captain was designed in the fashion of a Palomino style horse. The costume includes both a Western style outfit and a baseball uniform. The mascot will wear the baseball uniform, which has the number 72 on the back of the jersey (signifying the Rangers first year in Texas), on game nights at The Ballpark in Arlington.

The costume, which is approximately six feet, six inches in height, was designed and produced by Street Characters, Inc. of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The name Rangers Captain is derived from the Texas Rangers Law Enforcement Agency, in which Captains were the leaders of the companies. In advertising and promotions, the mascot is being referred as the "furry leader of The Ballpark's Company of Rangers".

Rangers Captain will be in attendance for all home games at The Ballpark in Arlington. At various times during the course of a game, the mascot will make appearances at the Coca-Cola Sports Park, sign autographs each night at a different Ballpark location, participate in special promotions, and perform some type of dance routine or skit at each game.

Rangers Captain will also make a number of outside appearances on behalf of the Rangers in the community. The mascot's first official appearance will take place this afternoon at the Boys & Girls Club of Arlington.

The primary person who will perform as Rangers Captain is Walter Dootson, an 18-year junior at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas. Dootson has an extensive background as a mascot and has been Troy the Trojan at Trinity for the last three years.

Below is information on Rangers Captain as listed in his official bio:

Height: 6'6"
Weight: 300
Bats: Both
Throws: Smoke
Resides: In The Ballpark's tunnel right behind home plate
Favorites: Foods: Hot Dogs, Peanuts, Nachos, BBQ, and Chili
TV Show: Rangers Highlights
Songs: Take Me Out To The Ballgame and Cotton Eyed Joe
Colors: Red, White, & Blue
Vacation Spot: Surprise, Arizona

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