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Cubs 50/50 Raffle

Play to win for Chicago Cubs Charities! One lucky fan at each Cubs home game will walk away as the winner of a significant cash prize in this split the pot raffle. Fans may purchase 50/50 raffle tickets from uniformed Chicago Cubs Charities raffle ticket sellers starting two hours before the game until the middle of the seventh inning. The winning ticket will be announced by the top of the ninth inning and the winner will receive a check for half of the net proceeds from the game's raffle ticket sales that day. The other half will benefit Chicago Cubs Charities. For more information please call the Raffle Hotline at (773) 404-4726.

Prize claims may be made at the Raffle kiosk, Fan Services or by calling (773)404-4726 for further instructions. All prize claims must be made within ten (10) business days of the raffle. For raffle rules, please click here. Thanks for supporting Chicago Cubs Charities.

The winning number is the number announced by Chicago Cubs Charities on the day of the drawing. Please reconfirm winning number before claiming by calling the Raffle Hotline, visiting the Raffle Kiosk or Fan Services.

50/50 Raffle Results

There is no recent raffle data available.