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About Clark

Clark was born loving the Cubs - it's in his blood! His great-grandbear Joa was once the original live bear mascot for the team back in the early 1900s. When Joa retired to the Lincoln Park Zoo, he delighted the young bears with hundreds of amazing Cubs stories, and Clark was hooked! He dreamed of making his great-grandbear proud and playing for the Cubs - even though he'd never even seen a game.

Then one day, Clark heard the roar of the crowd coming all the way from Wrigleyville. Determined to finally see the Cubs in person, he followed the sound to Wrigley Field, just in time to see the Cubs raise the W flag.

Inspired by Clark's enthusiasm and love of all things Cub, the team invited him to continue the family tradition and become their official mascot! Soon, he had his very own Clubhouse, and you can usually find him there. His favorite thing to do is hang out around the ballpark, keeping spirits high and kids excited! Next time you're at a game, make sure to stop by and say hi!

Clarks Stats

Height: Smaller than the average bear
WEIGHT: Lighter than the average bear
BATS: Right Paw
THROWS: Right Paw
CATCHES: Bear-handed

Clarks Favorites

FAVORITE SONG: "Go, Cubs, Go" of course!
BIRTHDAY: Clark was born in August
HOBBIES: Collecting baseball cards, and practicing his t-ball swing
ICE CREAM FLAVOR: Chocolate malt cups!
HOME:Clark's Clubhouse
MOVIE: Rookie of the Year