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BID Injury Report

Pushing for the Postseason: Nicked, Bumped and Bruised




Over the course of 162 games of regular season baseball, the Red Sox have seen their fair share of bumps and bruises. Some of those have been big injuries, the type that lands a player on injured reserve, and others were more day-to-day, like soreness or inflammation. But whether it's rehabbing a sprained knee or playing through some minor swelling, no injury should ever be ignored.

"Chronic pain and overuse sports injuries can be common for all levels of athletes at this time of year," says Julie Ruane, Nurse Practitioner from the Division of Sports Medicine at BIDMC. "As the weather becomes colder, your muscles require more attention in order to reduce the risk of injury and to maximize performance."

Here's what you can learn from the Red Sox as you make the transition from an active summer to an active fall…

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